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Addressing the Egg Shortage: Spero Foods Launches the Pepita Egg at Sprouts Farmers Markets Nationwide

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Egg prices have been on the rise recently due to a bird flu epidemic that has resulted in a significant loss of birds producing eggs. More than 57 million birds have been lost in 2022 alone, making it worse than the last outbreak in 2015. This has caused a shortage of eggs, leading to higher prices for consumers and empty shelves in stores nationwide. In response to this crisis, Spero Foods, a plant-based dairy manufacturer, has partnered with Sprouts Farmer’s Market to launch the Pepita Egg, a new plant-based alternative, to help solve the egg shortage problem.

Spero Foods, a plant-based dairy company, has made it its mission to bring delicious and affordable plant-based dairy and egg products to consumers everywhere. The company’s focus on using clean and simple ingredients, as well as technology, has led to the creation of the Pepita Egg – the first and only simple and minimal ingredient plant-based egg on the market.

The Pepita Egg is made with only seven ingredients, all of which are sourced from pepitas or pumpkin seeds. These seeds are a great source of protein, zinc, iron, and magnesium and contain similar grams of protein per serving as a chicken egg. Additionally, the Pepita Egg is keto-friendly, allergy-friendly, cholesterol-free, and contains no soy, gluten, nut, sugar, gums, or processed oil ingredients.

Since launching in 2019, Spero Foods has been recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, as well as by The Food Network, NEXTY Awards, Food Network Supermarket Awards, Forbes 30 Under 30, and featured at TED. The company’s goal is to serve the plant-based and flexitarian communities, the health-conscious community, and anyone who suffers from health-related issues affected by traditional animal egg-based products, such as high cholesterol.

According to Phaedra Randolph, Spero’s CEO and founder, the company is a seed-based pioneer in the plant-based market space. Spero’s mission is to remove the barriers of price and access to healthy and sustainable food options for all. “I believe it is imperative to our health, to our planet, and to our collective future to democratize plant-based foods,” she shared. “Each and every one of us deserves food that is good for us and the planet, but today, plant-based remains relegated to the upper class and is still limited to a few predominant ingredients.” 

Spero Foods’ Pepita Egg will initially retail from $4.99 to $5.99 for a 16 oz bottle, putting it at equivalent prices as most cartons of chicken eggs. Spero’s CEO, Phäedra Randolph, said that the company “stands behind our minimal, simple ingredient list. We stand behind products that are better for you and the planet without sacrificing your budget.”

While it’s unclear when the egg shortage will end, switching to Spero’s Pepita Egg has additional health benefits. Chicken eggs are high in cholesterol and are often not recommended for individuals with heart, kidney, or liver disease. They can also hinder iron absorption and are a common allergen. The production of chicken eggs also has a significant environmental impact, with the majority of laying hens living in confined and unsanitary conditions. Plant-based eggs are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative, but there are limited options available, many of which contain complex ingredients. Spero’s Pepita Egg, with its minimal ingredient list, is the first of its kind and offers a healthier and more sustainable option for consumers.

The Pepita Egg is just one example of Spero’s commitment to using simple and sustainable ingredients. The company is on a mission to create a more diverse food system, one that is good for human health and the planet and accessible to all. It’s time for a change, and Spero Foods is leading the way.

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