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Spencer Vann, Founder of Surplus Cashflow, Reveals the Passive Income Opportunity That’s Been Hiding in Plain Sight

Surplus Cashflow
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During an economic recession, massive layoffs can cause individuals to lose their primary sources of income. Unfortunately, relying on a single income stream has resulted in many people remaining jobless and struggling financially.

The key to achieving financial freedom is to explore lesser-known opportunities that offer significant potential for success. One such opportunity is Surplus Fund Recovery, a venture that many individuals are unaware of but can provide substantial passive income.

Surplus Cashflow is a company that offers individuals a chance to earn a passive income that is entirely recession-proof. By tapping into the little-known industry of surplus funds, Spencer Vann, founder of Surplus Cashflow, has created a 100% done-for-you business model that allows individuals to help people reunite with lost money and receive a finder’s fee in return.

According to Spencer, nearly 1 in 10 Americans are owed unclaimed money, which amounts to approximately 40 million people in the country. This includes well-known personalities such as Kevin Hart and Elon Musk.

Surplus Cashflow manages the day-to-day operations of the business. This means investors can earn a significant passive income without having to worry about tasks such as acquisition, follow-up or team management aspects of the business. Essentially, Surplus Cashflow does all of the heavy lifting, with Spencer stating that investors can “sit back and collect checks.” 

They follow three simple steps to ensure success. The first step involves implementing the FCC (find, connect, collect) method, which helps individuals find and connect with individuals who are owed lost money, inform them about the lost funds, and collect their money, along with a finder’s fee. 

The second step involves vetting, hiring, and training acquisition specialists who spend their days calling individuals who are owed money to get them paid. 

The final step involves expert management from the operational partner, who has years of experience in the industry and has recovered nine figures worth of money for clients through their methods.

Spencer Vann started his journey as a 19-year-old entrepreneur. He first learned about Surplus Fund Recovery at a local meetup group, where he interacted with people from various industries. At the time, he was calling people who were losing their homes to foreclosure with the goal of buying the property at a discount and flipping it. 

However, most of the time, people were antagonistic toward him, which made Spencer realize the need for a more streamlined process to help people recover their lost funds.

In 2017, Spencer launched, an education company dedicated to teaching people about Surplus Fund Recovery and helping them navigate the process. Through that company, Spencer taught over 5,000 students and recovered an estimated $500,000,000 in lost funds, making him a trusted partner in starting a surplus fund recovery business. 

By partnering with Surplus Cashflow, individuals can help these people reclaim their lost funds and earn a 4, 5 or even 6-figure finder’s fee check in return. The company’s business model is set up in a way that makes it entirely recession-proof, providing a stable and reliable source of passive income.

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