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SoundMind, the Purpose-Driven Powerhouse Set to Address Mental Health Issues

The advent of technology and the latest developments in the field have contributed to improvements in many aspects of human life. In particular, Mobile applications have not only helped people approach and operate countless personal and professional endeavors with ease but have also played a significant role in the promotion of physical, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. SoundMind, an emerging powerhouse in the tech space, has made it its mission to address the growing mental health crisis that continues to plague millions of people worldwide, and its initiatives in the field have propelled this esteemed institution to the forefront.  

Founded by Brian Femminella and Travis Chen, SoundMind is a growing force within the industry and is acclaimed for its dedication to finding research-based, innovative, and accessible solutions to mental issues. Its commitment to advancing the field of mental health research and connecting that with the latest technologies that anyone can have at their palms is in line with its passion for empowering society. 

SoundMind is spearheaded by a highly-competent team consisting of students and graduates from top universities throughout the United States, including the University of Southern California, Purdue University, and Drexel University. Wielding the power of today’s technology and capitalizing on the expertise of the brilliant minds behind the company, it has developed a mobile application whose unique approach to tackling mental health is bound to elevate this purpose-driven venture to greater heights.

SoundMind has spent over two years studying, conducting, and publishing research on thanatonsonics—the relationship between sound and violence—as well as neuroplasticity, cognitive feedback, cultural competency in the mental health field, and binaural beats. The effort it has expended is to ensure that it will be able to deliver a research-backed tool that people can utilize to foster their quality of life.  

The technology that stands at the heart of this future household name allows it to create preferential audio soundscapes based on the user’s likes and dislikes. With over 30,000 sounds and songs within its library, it hopes to shorten the period of various traumatic responses experienced by mentally distressed individuals. More impressively, the SoundMind application gives users the freedom to specify any auditory triggers. Their input helps the app utilize machine learning to curate the perfect sound therapy for each user. 

On top of providing music therapy as a way to manage symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety, and more, SoundMind has also incorporated into its app numerous brain exercises that focus on specific cognitive impairments possibly caused by a suffered trauma, such as those relating to memory, concentration, and attention. Moreover, its team of trauma-informed individuals has gone the extra mile to deliver a safe and beneficial space for any users in need. Through the Rapid Response feature, users can input emergency contacts and dial trauma or suicide hotlines quickly.

From the get-go, SoundMind has immediately created a space for itself within the industry. It has gained recognition for developing an application that is bound to help millions of people upon its release in 2021 and for its dedication toward bridging the divide between innovative technologies and underrepresented communities, including the veterans, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC. With this inclusive app, SoundMind is on its way to changing the course of mental health forever. 

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