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Social Media-The Ultimate Equalizer

Social media is an internet-based platform that enables us to share our thoughts, information and ideas through virtual networks and communities. It is collective term we use for applications and websites that focus on interaction, communication, content-sharing, collaboration and community-based input. In our personal life, social media provides us with a platform where we can learn new things, develop our hobbies and interests, connect and communicate with our family and friends and most importantly, it provides us with a source of entertainment. Some of the most popular entertainment platforms are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Similarly, social media has become a very important part of our everyday lives giving birth to social media influencers. A social media influencer is a person who has a loyal as well as a considerably huge social media following and they have a powerful influence over the wishes, wants and purchasing decisions of their fan base. One such social media influencer is Raginald Vicente Paz, who has a huge social media following and is popularly known as a dog dad, foodie, toy collector and self-proclaimed blogger. Paz is an American IT professional who has used the social media platform to facilitate and benefit others through his knowledge and expertise. Paz shares his everyday experiences with his followers, which is not only a source of valuable information but also proves to be a very good source of entertainment. Paz has a passion for traveling and food, and wants to explore different cuisines and cultures around the world. He regularly blogs about his food sampling and food experiments on his social media handles. He is also a toy collector and has a huge collection of Funko Pops, which includes figurines of Toy Story characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear and his French bulldog. Paz has created a perfect work-life balance by managing his responsibilities effectively. Nowadays people use social media to create a false image of themselves, which sets out unrealistic expectations for others. But Paz wants to keep it real and regularly gives us an insight of his regular and imperfect life.

Social media is like a double-edged sword, and has its positive and negative impacts on the society. It completely depends on us how we use it. The negative effects of social media include cyberbullying, lack of quality family time, poor time management, and increased laziness. However, the positive impacts of social media outweigh its negative effects. Social media if used correctly, increases global connectivity, facilitates education, provides valuable information, improves mental health, and helps in building relationships and communities. It is also a very ideal and helpful tool to support different causes. Social media helps bring people of different backgrounds, beliefs and cultures from around the world together on a common platform. Thus, creating a sense of unity among people of diverse cultures. It’s a place for people to show their creative side through their artistic works. Whether it’s a poem, a song, a work of art or a decadent dessert, it can be shared on social media without any restrictions and in many cases can open the doors to several milestones and achievements. It helps us develop and enhance our abilities and knowledge. Social media, if used actively, assertively and mindfully, like Paz does, can be a very effective tool to voice our thoughts, ideas and opinions.

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