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Shay Olivia Is Helping Individuals Thrive Through Exceptional Coaching and Consulting

Every individual has their own concept of success. To others, it could mean making a difference in the lives of people or the world. It could also mean doing something one is passionate about or feeling a sense of accomplishment through career progression. Everyone approaches success differently depending on how they define it, and although the path towards it may appear intimidating or daunting, Shay Olivia proves that it does not have to remain difficult. 

Bringing to the table years of experience in professional coaching and consulting, Shay has helped transform the lives of thousands of women and empowered them as they pursue success. On top of being a keynote speaker, a talk show and a radio host, she is also an internationally published author in psychosomatic healing, stress and depression studies.  

“My calling is to help broken, in transition, post-divorce, unmotivated, distracted and overlooked women get back on their feet, launch a business, and move forward to health and wealth,” Shay shared. At the core of her efforts is her dedication to aiding others in healing from abuse, building businesses, and growing in mental health and financial wealth.

Combining her expertise, professional techniques, and compassionate guidance, Shay has counseled women from all walks of life and assisted them in accomplishing personal and business milestones. Shay expertly oversees all aspects of the clients’ needs, from early planning phases to consistently executing tasks to help them achieve the results they are aiming for. 

Through her unique 30-day coaching program, Shay presents a comprehensive approach to healing and success. No goal is too small or too big, and progress is determined by the clients’ attitude and efforts towards it. “Committing is the most important. If you don’t commit, that means you don’t begin, and there can be no end without a beginning. The gist is to focus on getting clear about what you want in all areas of your life for years to come. Remember, your goals open up possibilities, they give you focus for your future, and they call you forward,” Shay explained. 

Shay always goes above and beyond in delivering excellent and unparalleled services to the clients. As a professional coach, she puts emphasis on accountability and how it helps an individual practice personal responsibility and prioritizes one’s interest, as well as how investing time in completing tasks to reach a goal is critical to achieving it. 

“The right partner in your life keeps you accountable to invest your time in completing the tasks rather than wasting idle time in fruitless activity with them,” she remarked.

Shay Olivia continues to be remarkable in inspiring, empowering and encouraging others to find their voice and realize their potential to create the life they envision for themselves. Moving forward, she intends to share her expertise with more people across the world and support them to become the best versions of themselves and experience the best things that life has to offer.

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