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Shakir Hammadi Revolutionizes the Way Jerseys are Worn Through Jersey Nation

Many years ago, the use of jerseys was mostly confined to a sport such as basketball or ice hockey. Over the years, fans and sports enthusiasts have steadily incorporated them into their day-to-day streetwear to highlight a team, their favorite athlete, or specific advocacy. Today, seeing jerseys being worn by both men and women have become a normal sight. Moreover, using it is a distinct fashion style all by itself. Thanks to Jersey Nation, the current generation is normalizing the use of colorful and stylish jerseys beyond sports. If anything, it is revolutionizing how jerseys are worn and appreciated by consumers. 

Jersey Nation was developed and founded by Shakir Hammadi in 2020. The Australian fashion label has successfully introduced new inspirations in its jersey designs, most of which are inspired by throwback movies, television shows, R&B artists, and big names in the hip-hop industry. 

Shakir boasts of a phenomenal launching year back in 2020, when the business made more than $800,000 in revenue with its celebrity collaborations with the likes of DDG, Nick Young, The Professor, and Emmanuel Mudiay, to mention a few. Shakir prepared a comprehensive marketing plan to promote his jerseys, and the overwhelming response from his target market affirmed that he was on the right track. 

A fun feature of Jersey Nation, which their patrons find exciting, is to create your own jersey. Individuals who have a unique jersey idea finally have the chance to bring their vision to life. All they need to do is send a message to the company email and ask for a designer to help out. There are unlimited colors to choose from when making an order or creating a design, allowing buyers to stretch their creativity and explore their fashion preferences. Clients also get to enjoy customer graphic uploads, no minimum order, and premium quality jerseys that can last for a long period of time. 

There are also ready-to-wear items available on the Jersey Nation website. Among its bestsellers is the Kobe Bryant All-American Jersey, Kobe Bryant Legend Icy Jersey, Kobe Bryant Crenshaw Jersey, Kobe Bryant Lower Merion High School Jersey, Shoresy Summer Christmas Letterkenny Irish Hockey Jersey, Mamba Basketball Shorts, Michael Jordan Birmingham Barons Baseball Jersey, and the Ben Simmons Shanghai Sharks Jersey, among others. 

Other favorites include the Lamelo Ball Chino Hills High School Jersey, Lebron James Irish High School Jersey, Michael Jordan All-American Jersey, Tyler Herro Whitnall High School Jersey, J Cole Bulldogs High School Jersey, Derrick Rose Simeon High School Jersey, and the Michael Jordan Laney High School Jersey, to name a few. 

Jersey Nation offers a wide array of styles that clients can choose from, including basketball jerseys, basketball shorts, football jerseys, hockey jerseys, baseball jerseys, hip-hop rap jerseys, and movie and TV shows jerseys, high school jerseys, and the Jersey Nation customs. 

Happy clients cannot help but rave about their purchases. “I was a little skeptical at first because of the great price, thinking the quality might not be up to par. But once I received my jersey, I was so impressed. I am looking to purchase my next jersey real soon,” said Murphy P.

Jersey nation also ships worldwide. A client, all the way from Germany, was thrilled to get his order. “The delivery was flawless. Arrive in 13 days in Germany. The jerseys are great. We are totally thrilled. Great quality,” Will A. shared. 

At present, Shakir Hammadi is focused on elevating Jersey Nation by coming up with new designs and projects. Doing partnerships with more celebrities is also something he envisions as he aims to add value to the purchases of his clients. 

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