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Seth Leitman AKA “The Green Living Guy” Leads the Way Towards Greener Lifestyles and Businesses

The effects of climate change are already evident around the world. More and more unprecedented natural phenomena are reported, and they will only worsen if society does not change for the better. Seth Leitman, also professionally known as “The Green Living Guy,” is using his business empire to advocate for living green. He has been championing sustainable initiatives for energy conservation to make a positive impact on the environment.

Green living means leading a lifestyle that focuses on making sustainable and environmentally friendly choices in all areas of one’s life. It can be as simple as bringing reusable bags when shopping or switching from a gas-powered vehicle to an electric one with lower carbon emissions. Of course, these are personal choices, but green living practices can also be applied to businesses, so they can positively impact the environment. 

Seth Leitman established The Green Living Guy Production Services as a green living concierge service that works with its clients to create and implement sustainable and environmentally safe services for their businesses. Aside from this, Seth Leitman and his team also help businesses develop green marketing campaigns by conducting energy audits.

Seth Leitman is known as “The Green Living Guy” because of his decades-long commitment to the green initiative. For over twenty years, Seth Leitman has advocated for green energy. One of Seth’s primary goals is to provide and create clean energy to fuel New York and the rest of the United States. He was previously part of the New York Energy and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the New York Power Authority (NYPA). In the course of Leitman’s work with the government of New York, he helped the state move closer to achieving the state’s climate goals by developing and launching clean energy technology programs.

As the head of The Green Living Guy Production Services, Seth Leitman has built a name for himself as an expert in green marketing strategies. Individuals choosing to live a more sustainable lifestyle must make several changes to their routines and practices. In a similar vein, businesses also need to implement several changes when they are going green. Seth Leitman and his company assist businesses as they move towards green energy and environmentally-sustainable practices. His work in the green energy field has enabled Leitman to speak on behalf of tech giants Panasonic and Tesla at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Aside from helping businesses go green, “The Green Living Guy” is also a prolific author. Seth Leitman is the author behind a series of nine books called “Green Guru Guides,” published by McGraw-Hill. In these detailed books, Leitman helps individuals and businesses recognize the threat of climate change. These books also help readers implement changes and actions that reverse the effects of climate change. “Through my books, I have created a valuable resource on climate change, environmentalism, green energy, and green living. I hope my published work reaches more people because we all need to and together to save the environment,” Leitman said.

Seth Leitman is set to release two new books soon. Leitman has yet to announce details of these new works or the release dates for each book, but he is excited to share them soon. “These two new books will be less technical than my previous work. Here, I make green living more understandable. These books will be game-changers, and they will shake things up,” Seth Leitman explained.

Seth Leitman is a business mogul, clean energy advocate, and author. His efforts and that of The Clean Living Guy Productions Services have made it possible for more businesses to go green and promote clean energy. He said, “We all need to shift towards green living. We only have one world, and it’s our duty to protect it.”

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