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Scoobie Da Jeweler on Honesty, Personal Integrity, and Custom Piece Jewelry

During the dreadful recession, a sixteen-year-old would rise to the occasion and become a well-respected jeweler and entrepreneur. His name is Aanik Adatia, but most people know him as Scoobie Da Jeweler.

Aanik Adatia, aka Scoobie Da Jeweler, is a fast-rising jewelry artist who decided to get involved in entrepreneurship when his family’s jewelry business struggled. He thought that if gas prices were at $4 per gallon, eBay would be an excellent way to sell things. That realization would become the start of his most significant venture, a jewelry business that would help him pay his way through college and keep things going during his first corporate occupation.

Despite his age and inexperience, the jeweler would create an established brand. Still, Scoobie was overwhelmed by business demands and holding a day job, working 100 hours per week when the Coronavirus devastated Corporate America. He decided to take on the jewelry game full-time and be recognized for custom jewelry.

While the businessman knew he had limited income and financial support from his family, he saw the challenge as an opportunity. “I knew I would have to be uncomfortable to get where I wanted to be,” Scoobie shares. “David Goggins’ quote ‘Uncommon among Uncommon people’ helped me understand what needed to be done.” Eventually, the jeweler would have a more established client base and get his business to a point where it could sustain him.

What makes Scoobie’s work different is the impeccable quality he provides. His goal is to create products that make people feel they get their money’s worth, no matter the price tag. “I’m available to respond to any client’s inquiries at any time,” he adds. “I always give my clients various metal choices, including silver, gold, and stone options.” This dedication has set Scoobie Da Jeweler apart from others in the industry. He also values honesty and personal integrity above all else because he believes these are the bedrock of a successful business.

Scoobie Da Jeweler takes pride in his work and uses it as an opportunity to meet new people. Friendly to everyone he meets, he’s a natural networker and constantly enters new circles and taps into new markets.

The jeweler has dedicated himself to providing exceptional customer service to all his clients. He enjoys educating clients about the jewelry business, pricing, and the craftsmanship of his work, but he prefers to keep the costs down. Most of his clients are College Football Players, but he still limits the amount his clients have to pay for his work. That’s because the jeweler understands they’re vulnerable to media scrutiny and that too much money can corrupt even the most virtuous intentions. “That is why I tell all of my players that family, school, and football first before they come to me for custom jewelry,” he said.

In five years, Scoobie Da Jeweler aims to be the best custom jeweler in the United States of America. He is grateful for the income he now has to provide for his family, but Scoobie’s simple goal is to bring the essential values he holds dear to the business world and his beloved clients.

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