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Salima Surani: Talks about the Entertainment and Fashion Industries

The entertainment and fashion industries are filled with numerous visionary figures. With smart and strategic teams, people in these industries have amazed the audience by always bringing something new to the table. And when it comes to inclusivity, women’s contributions and innovative ideas in such arenas cannot be overlooked.

In fact, for ages, both of these domains have been ruled by women. From ramp models to designers and from producers to business owners, they have been offering a lot. Among such ambitious women, Salima Surani is someone who is taking over the entertainment and fashion industries with her remarkable work and putting in efforts to promote inclusivity and diversity.

Completing her graduation in the field of communication arts and media, Salima Surani is an entrepreneur, independent producer, creative partner, and owner of two elite movie and television studios. Moreover, she is a renowned fashionista who is bridging the gap between the fashion and entertainment industries. With the right combination of skills, knowledge, and experience, Salima has managed to take over both industries while making a career out of it.

Socialista, Fashionista, Globalista – these three powerful words grab every person’s attention when they first land on her Instagram page. And rightfully so. These are not mere words. Instead, they describe Salima as a brave, beautiful, free soul who is creative and adventurous.

Other than that, Salima owns two studios – Popsicle and Tuxedo. Both her studios provide architectural warehouse space for photoshoots, film locations, and perfect venues for different events. Apart from that, one of the studios also has a sound stage facility. Her studios have been featured in many multiple commercials, music videos, and fashion shoots. This is not all! These meticulously designed studios provide a perfect platform for hosting private and corporate events as well as shooting television shows, movies, and documentaries. 

Salima Surani is also the founding Creative Director of ‘All Pictures Media’ – a global television, film, and photoshoot agency working across the globe, including Istanbul, LA, and Dubai. With her dynamic leadership, Salima has helped All Pictures Media to establish itself as one of the most sought-after agencies for premiere film, TV, and photoshoot locations. Its success is driven by a clear perspective and a proven track record – providing the entertainment Industry with optimum film locations with an unparalleled commitment to superior service, production requirements, professionalism and, most importantly, integrity.

It’s a common notion that with passion and a knack for excellence, success will follow you naturally. Salima has got that passion. She is a person who always strives for excellence. Believing in giving her best is what makes her stand out from her counterparts. Her commitment has allowed her to work with big names like Paramount Pictures, HBO, Warner Bros, Fox, Showtime, and NBC. Other than this, Salima also got to work with some of the world’s renowned editorial names, such as Louis Vuitton, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Betsey Johnson, John Varvatos, and various others.

If we say that Salima’s association with the fashion world has paved her way into the industry, it won’t be an understatement. She is usually spotted with stars and celebrities in various fashion shows and brand launches across the country. With her impeccable style and keen fashion sense, Salima Surani is considered not only an icon but also an expert helping various brands uplift their portfolios.

Running two studios, a global media company, and her work in fashion, Salima did not stop here. As the owner of two elite film studios and possessing a penchant for creativity, it was natural for Salima to dabble in film production. Despite being unfamiliar with this complicated field, Salima took on this challenge. Her first production was ‘Paranormal Evil,’ which was released in 2020. This horror/thriller movie was directed by Kuku Surendra.

Her other notable productions are ‘Blue Mauritius’ and ‘Darlings.’ Both films are currently under production and will get a release date soon. Considering Salima’s hard work and excellent track record, these movies will surely set the bar high for other producers in this industry.

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