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RTC’s Climb Up the Steps of Stardom, Making an Impact and Creating Timeless Music

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, and taking that step determines the trajectory of that journey. Respect True Color, also known as RTC, took the big step in his life journey early enough and has found ways to adapt, evolve, learn, build, create and grow over the years. He has put himself through the process and built a name in the entertainment industry as a rapper, music producer, engineer and vocalist.

RTC’s foray into music started with his interest in music, and the immense support he got from family and friends spurred him to take the big step, which made him start making sounds and melodies on his phone on GarageBand. Staying consistent and constantly working connected him to the right people and things started falling in place. This birthed the beginning of a vision towards success and stardom, and he hasn’t looked back since.

As an up-and-coming artist and producer, RTC draws influence and inspiration from many iconic people in the music industry like Travis Scott, Kanye West and many others. He started with music production and did a little bit of rap before taking a break to learn more about music production with mentorship from Mike Dean, Travis Scott and many other established acts in the music industry.

Through the years, RTC’s music career has grown alongside his music catalog, with over 600,000 streams to his name across streaming platforms. He has also featured in hundreds of playlists over the years while working with notable entertainment personalities like RIAA-certified platinum producer Ramyonthebeat, the late Young Dolph, Gunna, Don Toliver and Travis Scott. He released a song titled “Uncut Genres” on February 18, 2022, inspired by Adam Sandler’s film of the same title and produced certified platinum producer and artist Pyrex who has amassed millions of streams on his projects across all digital streaming platforms. In his music catalog, RTC has songs like “Costa Rica,” which he produced for Jcole’s Revenge of The Dreamers III project and a slew of songs he helped create with his artist, Mercvry.

RTC and his team are focused on creating music that ministers to young adults and inspires them to be a better version of themselves. He understands the challenges young people generally face when navigating life, and he hopes to play a part in easing those challenges with quality music. Many of his musical creations draw inspiration from nostalgic elements from back in the days, like games from the 90s. “My music is focused more on the quality, not quantity. There are many artists nowadays who are only concerned about putting out many musical projects to increase their catalog, but I’m the type of artist to wait a few months or even a year to release one song just so I can have the best quality and please the fans,” he explained.

RTC takes pride in being authentic and knowing what he wants for himself, his team and his career as a whole. Music is his way of impacting the world; thus, he makes sure he makes quality music capable of influencing the upcoming generation to do better and be better for the world. His vision for the next few years is continued growth for himself and his company. He plans to work with more producers and put out more projects for his artist, Mercvry. Part of his plans also includes executive-producing a short film to register his interest and presence in the film world.

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