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Rising Rapper Speedyville Nardy Elevates Hip-Hop Through His Distinct Music

Speedyville Nardy is a trailblazing force in the music industry today despite being new in the business and starting out without any kind of support. The rising artist made an explosive comeback in 2020 with his single “March Madness,” featuring his good friend Petey Blanko. His debut single “Strixtly 4 My Hittaz” was released in 2012. He came out of his hiatus with a back-to-back project that launched “Chiraqian” and “Mail Season” in 2019.

Born Darell Shelz, Speedyville Nardy’s music video for “Free Ralo” and “Make Money Mitch” started to attract attention as he introduced a new hip-hop subgenre which he fondly calls Braveheart Musik. The success of his hip-hop subgenre further inspired him to create his own music label known as Pack Money. He named his company as a memorial to his late cousin Pack Mail, who was killed in 2011. 

The Chicago-based artist draws inspiration from various artists, including Tupac, Lauryn Hill, Juice Wrld, Bankroll Fresh, Money Man, Lil Bill, Marlo, Gucci Mane, and O.J. Da Juiceman, to mention a few. 

Despite the competitive nature of the music industry, specifically in the hip-hop genre, Speedyville Nardy does not consider anyone as a competition except for himself. Each day is an opportunity for him to be better than he was the day before, and he is more focused on becoming a better artist, person, and future entrepreneur rather than who else is making it big in the industry. The rising rapper believes in the importance of introspection and the need for personal development to become successful in the music business. If there is one attribute he treasures the most, it is his being down-to-earth. He values people and their unique abilities. He wishes to remain grounded and work diligently in order to make a name for himself. 

“If I wanted to say what great qualities I inspire individuals, it is critical creative brainstorming,” Speedyville Nardy revealed. “I make people feel, or I would say crack their code within their self-hidden potential. Regardless of how I’m treated, no matter the trials of tribulations, I remain perfect. I’m as honest as they come, and I don’t care for the carnal mind. I’m spiritually inclined! I’m just for positives over negatives! Life is short,” he added. 

This year, Speedyville Nardy is set on accomplishing major feats, which include establishing his own clothing line and buying his own house. With the right amount of hard work and dedication to his craft, he believes that he will be able to make this happen before 2022 ends. 

Among other things, he wishes to continue helping out communities as he has done in the past. Known for having a soft spot for underprivileged people, Speedyville Nardy goes out of his way to connect with the homeless, the hungry, and the lost, hoping that his act of kindness will make a huge difference in their lives. He sympathizes with the poor effortlessly and always shows his compassion by sharing his blessings, regardless of whether or not he has money. At the end of the day, giving back, whether in kind or in time, is a gift he wholeheartedly gives to those who need them the most. 

Aiming for success as a music artist is a given for Speedyville Nardy. But surprisingly, building his own family in the next five years is more important than amassing wealth and assets. He looks forward to having his own children in the next couple of years and raising them to become dream-chasers who are driven and down-to-earth. 

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