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Riding the Wave of Fractional Executive Surge: A Spotlight on Trailblazers

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If you’ve been keeping tabs on the business world recently, you’ve undoubtedly noticed an intriguing trend on the rise. Fractional Executives, once under-the-radar power players, have burst onto the scene in 2023. The steady climb of these jobs, the communities supporting them, and the professionals transitioning into this arena can’t be overlooked. Among those leading the charge is Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark, a trailblazer in this evolving field. 

Danielle defines a Fractional Executive as a specialized part-time leader, often enlisted to fill leadership gaps or infuse a company with their expertise during pivotal growth periods. With a keen eye for emerging trends, Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark discerns the invaluable role these Fractional Executives play, particularly for smaller businesses struggling with the growing pains of expansion. 

The landscape of Fractional Executives is as diverse as it is vibrant. The roles range from CFO and COO to CMO, CIO, CTO, CHRO, CCO, CDO, CSO, and CRO, each one catering to different organizational needs. Danielle, with 16 years of rich marketing experience, has frequently assumed the role of a Fractional CMO for smaller businesses. Her proficiencies in digital and influencer marketing, as well as creating engaging platforms for audiences, align perfectly with their requirements. 

However, Clark is quick to point out that not all Fractional Executives find it easy to gain visibility or secure roles. Many grapple with marketing themselves, gaining industry recognition, finding businesses that require their expertise, adjusting their offerings to fit small business budgets, maintaining a steady flow of projects, and managing client expectations. 

Being at the forefront of this sector, Danielle decided to put together a helpful list that identifies what small businesses and Fractional Executives look for in each other. For small businesses, the checklist includes industry expertise, a proven track record, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, strong communication skills, strategic thinking, networking and connections, cultural fit, a goal-oriented approach, and mentorship abilities. 

On the other hand, Fractional Executives like Danielle seek companies with a clear vision and mission, potential for growth, engaged leadership, strong organizational culture, autonomy in decision-making, openness to innovation, financial stability, commitment to professional development, impactful projects, and a healthy work-life balance.

The rise of Fractional Executives and the transition away from traditional roles signal a significant change in job creation and the way work is structured. Clark believes the next few years will be thrilling, depending on one’s perspective on this transition. 

Danielle doesn’t just talk the talk but walks the walk, helping those struggling to outshine their Fractional Executive competitors or eager to fast-track their journey to the best opportunities. With Influence Builder, Danielle’s brainchild, she specializes in filling sales pipelines and building online authority—exactly where small businesses scout for proven expertise.

Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark’s Professional Bio: 

Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark is the CEO and Founder of Influence Builder and Influence Builder Club (a membership community for entrepreneurs and small business owners). Danielle has lovingly been nicknamed a Digital Disruptor by clients and colleagues because of her unique ability to find the best pathways to success by going against the grain when it comes to digital marketing. With 16 years of in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, Danielle’s growth strategies help her clients build massively impactful platforms, 10x their bottom line, and get the visibility and accolades they deserve without spending years trying to figure it out on their own. You can find her and dig into more of her knowledge base by going to her platforms listed below: 

Website: and 



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