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Ride Velo Health Dedicates Its Services to Medical Solutions Easing Patient and Healthcare Woes in the United States

These days, in an almost fragmented society, an efficient means of transportation has become a massive boon. Unfortunately, it has also become increasingly inconvenient as a sign of the times. Ride-sharing apps have become a commuter’s ticket to convenience, a technology that has become prevalent in recent years. Because a patient’s woes are different from that of the general public, these ride-sharing apps often fail to fill this particular gap in their services. Yet, there is no need to worry since Ride Velo Health is here to help.

Ride Velo Health is a ride-sharing app that helps transport patients to and from their healthcare appointments with relative ease. The platform is built with its very own Medicaid and Medicare integration, aiding its customers in the transportation expense department. The company knows that mounting medical appointment fees and checkups can be relatively inconvenient, so they offer this service to ease the worries of patients all across the United States.

The app aims to provide a solution for all the logistic problems that patients face on a daily basis. Company founder Louis Yson formulated the groundbreaking idea out of his sheer compassion for patients and passengers alike. “Ride Velo Health was born from compassion. We are built to be compassionate for our driving partners and our passenger customers,” said Yson.

Carrying over his past experiences as a startup company wizard, Louis Yson has taken on the challenge of alleviating the logistical baggage that most medical facilities seem to face when it comes to transporting their patients. Yson has fully mastered the art of developing innovative services that zero in on the pulse of the masses, and Ride Velo Health is a culmination of his sheer mastery.

Most patients who go for their regular dialysis treatments, chemotherapy, follow-up checkups, and other medical treatments have reported a significant change in how Ride Velo Health has made it a whole lot easier for them to show up to their medical appointments. Evidently, with the ongoing global pandemic, medical logistics and all aspects of the healthcare system have started to feel a lot of mounting tension.

Patients have found it all the more difficult to get around safely due to the virus. Furthermore, the rate of no-shows has started to increase, costing the healthcare industry upwards of $1.5 billion annually. Fortunately, Ride Velo Health is here to alleviate all of those negative effects. The innovative app shares the load with medical facilities aiding them on the logistics and transportation side of things. In turn, this lightens the load on the healthcare system, allowing it to focus on the more pressing matters while also helping patients with their transportation issues.

Ride Velo Health is aiming to expand its operations to more locations within the United States to aid in the ongoing crisis. In line with this, the company is raising capital so it could operate in more areas and introduce the app to even bigger markets through crowdfunding on Wefunder. The company is targeting to raise $250,000 as its main goal.

Unity and collaboration are important aspects in creating a solution. Through this method, Ride Velo Health will be able to help more people and aid in slowly filling the gaps where the healthcare system seems to fail. Louis Yson is fully determined to see his vision come to life, as he wishes to expand his company’s operations and help more and more people along the way.

For more information on Ride Velo Health, make sure to drop by the company’s official website.

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