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Revitalize Your Home’s Value with These Renovation Projects

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As homeowners continue to seek ways to enhance the value of their properties, understanding which home renovations yield the highest ROI is crucial. To shed light on this topic, we have compiled a list of the top home renovations that not only elevate your living spaces but also boost your property’s overall value.


The heart of your home deserves special attention. A kitchen remodel, complete with updated fixtures, modern cabinets, and elegant countertops, not only enhances daily cooking experiences but also entices potential buyers with a space that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It is a fact that the kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms to remodel, but it is the room we spend the 3rd most time in (behind the bedroom and living room).


Bathrooms are essential spaces in any home. Walk in showers, stylish tiles, and improved lighting and upgraded fixtures can transform your bathrooms into luxurious retreats, increasing your property’s allure to potential buyers. Most buyers lean into newly remodeled bathrooms, ranking it as one of the more important rooms for comfortable aesthetics.

Transform the Attic or Basement:

Untapped potential lies in underutilized spaces. Converting your attic or basement into a functional living area can add usable square footage to your home, providing extra space for living, working, or even generate rental income. Finished basements definitively add value to a home, providing entertainment or extra bedroom space.

Create an Outdoor Oasis:

Outdoor living spaces are in high demand. Adding a deck or patio enhances your property’s appeal, offering a space for relaxation and entertainment. Koi ponds, pools, wooden decks, bbq pits, even stone pizza ovens and covered sitting and eating spaces are all wonderful ideas for home improvement and enjoyment.

Enhance Curb Appeal:

First impressions matter, and curb appeal sets the tone. Landscaping, fresh exterior paint, and well-maintained pathways can make your property stand out, leaving a positive impression on potential buyers when they come and go.

Optimize Energy Efficiency:

Green upgrades are a smart investment. Install energy-efficient windows, upgrade insulation, and consider solar panels to not only reduce energy costs but also make your home more appealing to environmentally-conscious buyers. There are many ways to effectively pay for these upgrades, and in the end you get much of that investment back in an increased valuation.

BEWARE – Projects that can Negatively Impact Value:

While some projects add value, others might not yield the desired returns. Swimming pools rarely pay back even half of the cost invested, and buyers can see them as an added expense.  Extreme luxury upgrades are only valuable on the impact you get from them personally, and rarely see a return on value. And garage conversions can be risky endeavors, potentially alienating certain buyers and impacting your property’s resale value, as most people want to actually park their car in the garage.

“Strategically chosen renovations can significantly enhance your property’s value,” emphasizes Ali Choudhri, CEO, Jetall Capital one of the largest private property owners in Houston. “However, it’s essential to consider factors such as neighborhood trends and long-term goals before embarking on any renovation journey.”

To make the most of these renovations, it’s essential to work with skilled contractors who understand the latest design trends and construction techniques. However, before starting any renovation project, homeowners should consider factors such as budget, neighborhood trends, and long-term goals.  A home is a long term investment, you can enjoy while the asset matures.  

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Revitalize Your Home's Value with These Top Renovation Projects

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Jetall Capital is a family-owned real estate investment and management firm, which through its principals, commenced operations in 1961 in London, England. Lead by Mr. Ali Choudhri, Jetall Capital is a family-owned real estate investment and management firm, which is now the largest private owner of commercial office space in Houston’s Galleria submarket – managing over 1 million square feet of high-value property throughout Houston, Austin, and Dallas.

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