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Report: Jeep Renegade Discontinued After 2023 Amid Poor Sales

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Against the backdrop of an evolving automotive landscape, Jeep has set its sights on a refreshed lineup, starting with the arrival of 2024. The iconic brand is preparing to significantly restructure its vehicle offering in both the U.S. and Canada. The most notable change in the lineup is the discontinuation of the Renegade, a subcompact crossover vehicle that, for a decade, has battled fluctuating sales.

The Renegade, known for its compact size and affordability, secured a spot in Jeep’s catalog in 2014. The uniquely named SUV started its life on the showroom floor with a competitive starting price of $29,445, holding the title of Jeep’s most affordable offering. Jeep customers who favored the Renegade for its friendly price tag will now have to turn to Jeep Compass as the brand’s entry-level vehicle, though it costs around $500 more on average.

The Renegade was renowned for being affordable and effortlessly laying down tracks on the path less traveled by indie compact SUVs. It wore its badge of distinction proudly as the only imported Jeep model in their lineup for some time. Sharing its architecture with the Fiat 500X and Fiat 500L, the Renegade was assembled at facilities in Italy, Brazil, and China – a far cry from Jeep’s usual American production facilities. It was the first Jeep to be exclusively manufactured outside the United States until the release of the Mexican-made Compass in 2016.

However, over time, the sales figures of the Renegade showed a declining trend. After reaching its peak in 2017 with 103,434 units sold, the vehicle saw a rapid drop in numbers. In 2022, a mere 27,000 units found their way to customers’ driveways. The sales data for 2023 looked even grimmer, with a reported decrease of 35 percent for the first nine months of that year. With such forecasts, Jeep’s decision to phase out the Renegade from North American showrooms comes as no surprise.

Importantly, though, the Renegade’s story doesn’t end there. Production will continue in facilities in Italy and Brazil, and the vehicle will continue to be available for sale in markets outside of North America. Countries such as Mexico, Europe, South America, and the Asia Pacific region will still be able to purchase the compact trailblazer.

In the absence of the Renegade, what is Jeep planning for its North American clientele? The answer is electrifying. Jeep has plans to launch two all-new fully electric vehicles in 2024, the esteemed Wagoneer “S” and the Recon off-roader. These models will initiate Jeep’s foray into the world of electric vehicles, signaling an era of innovation and sustainability. Jeep plans to offer electrified variants for all their vehicles in an even more ambitious move by 2025.

The discontinuation of the Renegade represents a significant shift in Jeep’s offering, but it’s not an end. It’s a transformation – a testament to Jeep’s ongoing pursuit to innovate and adapt to the ever-changing automotive industry. This bold step towards an electric future assures Jeep enthusiasts that while the lineup evolves, the brand’s adventurous spirit remains undeterred. The trails Jeep vehicles blaze may look different, but the spirit of exploration and freedom that Jeep embodies remains invincible.


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