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Rene Lacad: The 24-Year-Old SMMA Millionaire

Rene Lacad: The 24-Year-Old SMMA Millionaire
Photo Courtesy: Rene Lacad (@renelacad)

Rene Lacad’s journey from a struggling college dropout to a self-made millionaire at the age of 24 epitomizes the quintessential American Dream. Born and raised in the modest surroundings of West Covina, a suburb of Los Angeles, Lacad’s early life was filled with challenges that seemed to preclude the possibility of success. Yet, through a combination of a relentless work ethic, determination, and a versatile skill set, he managed to carve out a niche for himself in the competitive world of entrepreneurship, particularly in the realm of Social Media Marketing Agencies (SMMA).

Early Life and Struggles

Rene Lacad: The 24-Year-Old SMMA Millionaire

Photo Courtesy: Rene Lacad (@renelacad)

Rene’s story begins with an all-too-familiar scenario of a young individual navigating through life without a clear direction. After high school, he ventured into college, only to realize that the traditional academic path was not in alignment with his aspirations. This realization led to a bold decision to drop out, a choice that plunged him into a period of uncertainty and odd jobs ranging from dishwashing to various temporary gigs. Despite the apparent setbacks, Lacad harbored an unwavering belief in his potential and a refusal to settle for mediocrity.

Career Breakthrough

The turning point in Rene’s life came unexpectedly when he secured a sales position at a Fortune 500 company. This opportunity was the gateway to a series of successes, allowing him to develop essential skills in persuasion, negotiation, and customer relations. It was during this period that Lacad had the fortuitous encounter with Tai Lopez, a renowned entrepreneur and digital marketing pioneer, who would become a mentor, imparting crucial knowledge and insights that would significantly shape Rene’s entrepreneurial journey.

Under Lopez’s mentorship, Rene was exposed to the complexities of marketing and branding, the importance of innovation, and the power of thinking outside the box. These lessons proved invaluable as Lacad ventured into the establishment of his own agency, Lacadvertisement.

Launching Lacadvertisement

Lacadvertisement was not born out of immediate success but rather through perseverance and learning from past failures. A pivotal moment came when Rene was approached to assist with marketing for a friend’s new business. Despite initial reservations stemming from previous setbacks, this collaboration marked the beginning of Lacadvertisement’s success story.

Founded in 2017, Lacadvertisement quickly rose to prominence, generating over $30 million in revenue for clients and managing substantial marketing budgets. Rene’s unique approach, combining his sales expertise with innovative marketing strategies, established Lacadvertisement as a leading force in digital marketing.

Scaling Lacadvertisement and Personal Branding

Rene Lacad: The 24-Year-Old SMMA Millionaire

Photo Courtesy: Rene Lacad (@renelacad)

The success of Lacadvertisement set the stage for Rene’s expansion and personal branding efforts. Through strategic partnerships, innovative campaigns, and a focus on client satisfaction, he managed to scale his business into a multi-million dollar empire. Simultaneously, Lacad built a significant social media presence, amassing hundreds of thousands of followers by sharing his journey and insights, which further solidified his status as an influencer in the digital marketing space.

Lessons from Rene Lacad

Rene Lacad’s story is a testament to the idea that success is accessible to anyone willing to pursue it with determination and resilience. He challenges conventional wisdom about the necessity of traditional education for success and demonstrates the importance of passion, creativity, and the willingness to learn from failures.

Furthermore, Lacad’s journey highlights the significance of mentorship, the power of social media in building a brand, and the ever-present opportunity for innovation in the digital age.

Rene Lacad Training

Rene Lacad: The 24-Year-Old SMMA Millionaire

Photo Courtesy: Rene Lacad (@renelacad)

Recognizing the potential to share his knowledge and experience, Rene offers training courses aimed at empowering individuals with skills in social media marketing and e-commerce. His platform,, reflects his commitment to making these skills accessible to a broader audience, illustrating his belief in the democratization of entrepreneurial success.


Rene Lacad’s narrative is more than just a success story; it’s an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals seeking to make their mark in the digital world. His journey from obscurity to prominence in the digital marketing industry underscores the potential for transformation through perseverance, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. As Lacad continues to build his empire and inspire others, his story serves as a powerful reminder of the limitless possibilities that await those willing to chase their dreams with conviction and courage.

About Rene Lacad 

Rene Lacad is a 26-year-old college dropout turned entrepreneur.

He’s the founder of Lacadvertisement, an advertising agency that’s partnered with over 20+ businesses and generated over $30,000,000+ in online revenue.

In addition to Lacadvertisement, Rene has also founded other companies that have done over a million dollars in revenue as well as consulted for many of social media’s familiar faces.

His lifestyle content caught traction on social media where he’s been able to reach millions of people and help aspiring entrepreneurs break free from the 9 to 5.

Reach Out to Rene Lacad at: 

Published by: Martin De Juan

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