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Raven Cargo: A Model of Client Commitment

Raven Cargo: A Model of Client Commitment
Photo Courtesy: Raven Cargo

By: Maria Williams 

Raven Cargo began in 2020 as a three-person company stuffed into a closet-sized office. That might sound like an inauspicious start, but founder Lucas Grizz — a Polish immigrant — quickly expanded it to include operations in five countries. Now, Raven Cargo has bases in the United States, Poland, Canada, Mexico, and Panama.

When Lucas founded Raven Cargo, he didn’t just want to create another logistics company — he wanted to set a new standard in client satisfaction. That started with new technology. “We deploy our own technology called Raven Eye,” he says. “Raven Eye is basically a tool on the back end that optimizes your operations.”

Often, the logistics industry involves combining multiple data systems. Some of these systems work well together. Others do not. The resulting gaps can lead to lost shipments, customer frustration, and overall inefficiency — and none of those things are good if you want to run a successful logistics business.

Raven Eye is a program that bridges the gaps between software systems. That results in better transparency and visibility throughout the shipping process. By centralizing transaction and tracking data, Raven Eye streamlines the shipping process for carriers and shippers alike.

Lucas comes from an IT background, so it’s not surprising that Raven Eye is a central part of his newest venture. But Raven Eye isn’t the only innovation that helps Raven Cargo’s clients get the results they want.

In any logistics operation, hubs and other checkpoints are critical to ensure accurate tracking, protect against fraud and theft, and check for damages. 

“At a past company I worked with for over a decade, we installed technology that allowed truck drivers to enter and exit the facility using cameras,” he says. “We were in charge of transforming these terminals from very manual, labor-intensive terminals. The process went from 20 minutes to one minute per truck.” Lucas brings that same dedication to efficiency and technology to his work with Raven Cargo.

Speedy delivery is a big part of Raven Cargo’s commitment to its clients, but it’s not the only important characteristic. Lucas believes in keeping clients, drivers, and loaders safe at every point. The company has an in-house team of hazmat-certified experts. It offers liftgate trucks for safe, fast offloading that protects workers from injuries. 

Raven Cargo also aims to offer convenient solutions for its clients — it can accommodate partial or full truckloads, expediting delivery when necessary. Clients can select flatbed, enclosed, or refrigerated shipping.

You can’t have happy clients without a healthy company, so Lucas also prioritizes nurturing a positive company culture. “We have an almost non-existent turnover rate,” he says. “In the logistics space, that’s very hard to come by.”

What drives Raven Cargo’s commitment to its clients? Ultimately, efficiency — without sacrificing quality — is at the heart of everything Lucas’s company does. 

After all, even a seemingly small supply chain disruption can have far-reaching effects, and no one knows that better than Lucas. “It’s eliminate or reduce operational inefficiencies, right?” he says. “You’re automating all of the inefficiencies.”

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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