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Ramin Popal Living His Dreams as Life Took a Quick Turn for the Better for Him

Failing is part of life but what is more important than failing is picking oneself up and turning things around. 22-year-old entrepreneur Ramin Popal experienced failure but quickly took the important lessons and found success not long after.

Going from a completely broke college dropout to a millionaire entrepreneur at 21 and a 7-figure business owner at 22 is a dream only a few people can manifest. Ramin Popal did it and has struck an inspirational chord in many people with his achievements. The founder of Ecomm Sharks now lives in penthouses, drives exotic cars, flies first-class and now grabs people’s attention with his inspiring messages and motivational words through his platforms.

Ramin Popal got into entrepreneurship with the odds stacked against him. He had to deal with the rigors of business ownership and the little confidence that people had in him. “It’s tough focusing on what you have to do when the people you love and care about the most don’t even believe in you as much. But as a focused person, I overcame them by using their doubts as motivation to prove them wrong,” Ramin said.

Since his breakthrough, Ramin Popal has been recognized by the biggest names in the business world and featured on notable media platforms such as Radio Dubai, which has hosted people like famous business personality, Gary Vee. Being an entrepreneur who found success at an early age despite the failures he experienced, Ramin Popal wants everyone to understand that failing is part of the package for anyone seeking success. He believes that failure is necessary to move closer to success; success is attainable by not giving up. “You can achieve anything you set your mind on. You only need to work smart and never give up. Success is yours,” Ramin said.

His company, Ecomm Sharks, is one of the biggest educational companies in the world, and Ramin has his sights set on becoming one of the most recognized names in the space. Running a seven-figure company going on eight figures at the age of 23 has placed him in the spotlight, and Ramin hopes to live up to all expectations. He has never shied away from his struggles or denied his failures as an entrepreneur. He enjoys talking about them because he believes so many people are beneath their potential because they experienced failure at some point in their lives.

With the success he has achieved in the business world and how much he has done for himself, he hopes to get recognized by people and share his story with the world. “A lot of people struggle in their careers or chosen businesses because of the fear of failure and because they have failed at some point. I am living proof that failure is not to be feared. It should be a source of motivation and energy to do everything and not fail. Then, if it doesn’t work out, you are sure of what doesn’t work, and you can try another strategy. It’s that simple,” Ramin said.

Ramin sees the next few years filled with more successful ventures and him creating opportunities for young people like him. He hopes to mentor young people seeking success and be a contact point for them to keep their drive and dreams alive.

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