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Precious Oshideko Shares His Take on Accelerating Economic Development in Africa by Leveraging Technology

Precious Oshideko
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As the world continues to evolve with the advancements of technology, Africa faces the challenge of keeping pace with these changes. However, with the proper perspective and strategy, the continent can use the power of technology to drive economic growth and improve business operations.

A critical area for Africa’s development is the adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA is a revolutionary technology that empowers organizations to create and implement virtual robots for collecting and analyzing data, executing transactions, and connecting with other digital platforms. It offers a broad range of applications, including automating routine email responses and deploying numerous bots to streamline processes within an Enterprise Resource Planning system.

Ultimately, this technology enables businesses to automate repetitive and routine tasks, thereby optimizing operations and reducing costs. Implementing RPA also enhances efficiency by relieving employees to focus on higher-value tasks and minimizing the risk of human error in business processes.

Precious Oshideko, the founder of Arete-Zale Consulting and Certified Information Technology Auditor, is a prominent figure in the field. With over 20 years of experience in formal social impact initiatives across multiple continents, including Africa, Asia, and the United States, Precious brings a unique perspective to the table. Holding an MBA from the University of Phoenix and pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration with a focus on Information Systems and Enterprise Resource Management, Precious has the expertise to effectively bridge the gap between policy and process and educate key personnel on the benefits of automation.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Precious is also a philanthropist through the Precious Oshideko Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to empowering remote communities in Africa by providing basic necessities such as food and shelter, as well as organizing skill-building workshops. It recently made a significant impact by donating a greenhouse facility to the Plant Science Department of Olabisi Onabanjo University in Nigeria. This donation promotes individual self-sufficiency and emphasizes the importance of both environmental and social sustainability.

Africa holds tremendous potential for technological advancement and automation. However, the realization of this potential will require the guidance and leadership of individuals like Precious Oshideko, who can educate and motivate others to adopt these growth opportunities. By prioritizing automation and leveraging the skills and knowledge of leaders like Precious, Africa can harness the benefits of digital transformation and drive economic growth and progress.

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