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Practical Strategies to Increase the Conversion Rate of your E-commerce Store

The prospect of having an e-commerce store, or any online business for that matter, is refreshing because while everybody else wakes up in the morning to prepare for the day’s work, nothing beats transacting businesses worth millions of dollars from the comfort of your home. However, the soul of every e-commerce business is traffic and conversion rates. Therefore, no matter how easy owning an online business has been described, getting an impressive amount of traffic, getting them to return to the site, increasing the traffic over time, and translating to sales is the most challenging aspect of every online store. 

Before you give up on your e-commerce store because of low traffic and low conversion rate, have you ever wondered why they are so low? Do you have an understanding of what could be hindering your success as a business? We attempt to answer these pressing questions you should have asked yourself when you noticed a dip or consistently low traffic and conversion rates. Also, you may be asking yourself: what do I need to do to make my e-commerce product page a high-converting one? How can I boost sales and promote my brand to one people can rely on to purchase quality products?

If the above questions are anything you have pondered about, Jacoby Mondy of Digital Brandz shares his answers to these questions:

One of the first things you must seek is an outstanding product description; your product description must at all times be audience-centered. This comes after you identify your target audience and the people you intend to reach with your product. What comes next is creating a description that appeals to that demographic and something they find enhancing and relatable. A few things in your product description must contain a clear definition of your brand. It must be unique and, above all, be clear and concise because the audience should read and become interested almost immediately. 

The next thing to do is make the entire browsing process easy and convenient for your audience. Nobody wants to go through the stress of loading multiple pages or filling multiple forms to realize that the product they wanted is out of stock. Therefore, endeavor to display available items and constantly update your website every time a product goes out of stock. 

Another simple but important strategy to help increase traffic and conversion rate on your e-commerce website is the use of clear and vivid images, including images that clearly describe the product. Most importantly, customers must receive the exact product picked on your website. It goes a long way to strengthen trust. 

A step further from advertising with pictures is using videos, which are practical tools for showcasing your products and increasing conversion rate. Defining and clearly stating your return policy is another strategy that helps your customers fully understand the terms of getting into business with you. And in most cases, occasionally giving out freebies, such as “free shipping” on a particular number of items or getting a free item, is another proven effective strategy.

Experts have pointed out that these digital marketing and selling strategies may not be absolute as they sometimes do not guarantee the success of your e-commerce store. Still, judging from testimonials, comments, and recommendations, they work more than they don’t.

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