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Philip Noyed Invites Everyone to an Extraordinary VR Experience as He Launches The Neo Art Space

Award-winning multimedia artist Philip Noyed is poised to leave his audiences breathless with awe and wonder as he introduces his latest virtual reality (VR) project to the whole world in 2022, known as the Neo Art Space. Philip outdid himself when he created the first-ever VR experience of its kind, designed to give viewers a new adventure while allowing multiple individuals to experience it together from various locations around the world. This massive VR art experience is anything but ordinary and will feature the most cutting-edge light art anyone has ever seen. 

The Neo Art Space will feature thirty otherworldly experiences. Each experience comes with ethereal music to create an atmosphere that is transformative, meditative, joyful, and promotes healing at the same time. The experience will allow audiences to move from their everyday 3D experiences to transcendent 5D consciousness. Viewers will find themselves emerging from a back hole onto a walkway that highlights planets, stars, and supernovas. 

Everyone who enters the VR experience gets to explore more than 100,000 square feet and over ten stories high of art experience. They also get the unique opportunity to create their own virtual experiences through teleporting through pathways, glowing light caves, planets, radiant forests, and more.

“Social isolation has become an increasing concern since the start of the pandemic,” Philip Noyed shared. “The Neo Art Space Virtual Reality experience creates a new way to safely spend time with family and friends while also offering endless experiences and memories made without leaving the safety of your home,” he added. 

Philip Noyed is a popular innovative multimedia artist best known for his virtual reality (VR) art, abstract photographs, geometric lightbox illuminations, videos, paintings, and mixed-media public art installations. The Minneapolis, Minnesota-based artist uses bold colors, light, and high-voltage geometric compositions to illustrate the meaning of his extraordinary artworks best. He also has a unique way of transforming his phenomenal ideas into free-standing LED light sculptures or kinetic mobiles, video projections, or immersive VR light art experiences. 

Through the Neo Art Space, Philip Noyed wants his audiences to revolutionize their idea of experiencing art. Commonly, people are used to going to museums and looking at artworks on walls or pedestals. This time, Philip wants them to be fully immersed in the artwork and experience it by using all of their senses. As audiences begin to change their idea of art appreciation, they will also get to know, explore, interact with others, and create in one awe-inspiring and exceptionally exciting space. 

Learn more about Neo Art Space by visiting its website. Follow it on Facebook and Instagram for updates. 

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