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Pet Genie™: The Next Big Innovation in Dog Waste Disposal

Pet Genie™: The Next Big Innovation in Dog Waste Disposal
Photo Courtesy: Pet Genie

By Pet Genie™

Handling dog waste has always been a cumbersome task. Taking your dog outside, scooping the poop in a plastic bag, and then finding a trash can to throw it in. And, in cases where dogs are old or have limited mobility, a similar routine has to be maintained indoors.

Ensuring a tidy outdoor space and a pleasant home environment is vital for responsible dog owners. That’s why they have to be up for the poop disposal job without fail. However, existing dog waste disposal options often fall short in crucial areas like odor control, indoor/outdoor suitability, and durability.

Usually, dog owners using pee pads will just throw them directly in a trash can. However, this approach can lead to several problems. Firstly, your in-house trash can fills up quite quickly. Moreover, it also lacks the ability to control odor, so you have to frequently visit the outdoor garbage can. On rainy days, even outdoor cans can get messy, disrupting your clean environment.

Aiming to address these problems, the makers of Litter Genie came up with Pet Genie™. Pet Genie is a modern pail that can make pet waste disposal easier for pet owners. The makers of Pet Genie call it “An innovation in dog waste disposal, designed to tackle disposal issues.”

Pet Genie™ Dog Waste Disposal System: A Step Towards Innovation

The Pet Genie™ dog waste disposal system can maintain a cleaner yard and a home that smells fresh. Crafted from rugged plastic with UV protection, this durable indoor/outdoor dog waste container is built to withstand the elements. It has several other features that can make dog and other small pet waste disposal hassle-free.

Innovative Design: The Pet Genie™ system places a strong emphasis on convenience and hygiene. The ability to drop the dog waste directly into the pail reduces the need for numerous individual plastic poop bags. Its sleek and clean look makes it easy to be kept anywhere where it’s easiest for pet owners to access.

Indoor and Outdoor Use: Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, Pet Genie’s™ versatile design accommodates both indoor and outdoor use. It simplifies dog waste disposal for every stage of your pet’s life. The pail’s ability to be used indoors can be of great help for disposing waste of the dogs with limited mobility.

Long-Lasting Refill: Pet Genie™ offers a starter refill that can last up to two months of waste for one medium-sized dog. Though its Jumbo Refill is 28 feet of refill film, lasting up to four months for one medium-sized dog. This can really prevent the outside and in-house trash cans from overflowing. Plus, during extreme winters or rainy days, it allows pet waste to be stored without the hassle of accessing outdoor trash cans.

Ultimate Odor Control: Controlling odor is central to Pet Genie’s™ solution. The brand’s pail and refills use a special multi-layer film with odor-locking technology that helps control odors from escaping the pail. So, you can not only store waste for longer, but you can also keep your environment free from odor. This helps in maintaining a fresher ambiance.

Pet Genie™, with its innovative offerings, aims to make the process of managing dog waste simpler, allowing dog owners to get rid of the various hassles associated with waste disposal. By adopting modern pet waste disposal solutions, they can revel in the cleanliness of their yard and the freshness of their home.

So, say hello to a more convenient, sustainable, and innovative solution for dealing with dog waste. You can explore the variety of Pet Genie™ products here

Published by: Holy Minoza

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