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Perfect for Real Estate Professionals, Virtudesk is the Leading Service for Remote-Working Personal Assistants

Hiring a personal assistant can sound like a capital burden, but according to a recent survey, it is one of the essential requirements for a successful business. In fact, a study by 99content revealed that companies that hire personal assistants are more likely to save up to 78 percent of their expenses. With the remote work option opening up after the global pandemic, hiring assistants has become much more accessible and affordable. Remote assistants can help employers handle administrative and logistical tasks at a fraction of the cost. 

While an experienced personal assistant can take a significant burden off your shoulders, managing them can be a challenging task in itself. Most professionals struggle to find highly skilled assistants who are familiar with their line of work and are willing to work at an affordable pay grade. To solve the problem of limited availability and high fees, Virtudesk has created one of the most effective remote assistance platforms in the world. Virtudesk acts as a bridge between talented virtual assistants (VAs) from the Philippines and businesses in the US and Canada. Not only do they aim to offer efficient virtual assistance services to their clients, but they also ensure that their VAs are punctual, responsive, as well as responsible. 

CEO and founder of Virtudesk, Pavel Stepanov, developed the inspiration for his company after he hired a virtual assistant for himself. According to him, he was a successful real estate broker and felt drained after 12 to 16 hours of work daily. He was inundated with administrative tasks and decided to hire his first-ever virtual assistant. The service he received allowed him to save time and scale up his business faster than he had imagined. Pavel was highly impressed by the potential benefits of a virtual assistant and realized that entrepreneurs and agents could glean significant benefits from hiring the right type of VA. Thus, he founded Virtudesk, with a critical focus on strategically developed systems. These systems ensured that the virtual assistants associated with his company were well-vetted, adequately trained, and efficient at their jobs. 

Virtudesk is known for its quality and impressive services. Unlike other platforms, Virtudesk is among those that take responsibility for their VAs. They ensure that their VAs know how to perform their tasks by providing them with 5-10 days of training. This training is mandatory, and only upon its completion can a VA be assigned to a client. Their account managers, who coordinate between the client and Virtudesk, ensure that the assigned VA is not just familiar with the field and possesses the knowledge but is also equipped with all the necessary tools. They provide timely updates to their clients and are available to address any inquiries. 

Understanding the assistant job is necessary to increase productivity and improve work quality, Virtudesk uses a monitoring tool to check the productivity and attendance of their VAs. They also have a workforce team that ensures all their virtual assistants stay on track and deliver according to the schedule. That’s not all! At Virtudesk, the privacy and confidentiality of clients and their data are also top priorities. Their cybersecurity insurance eases any privacy concerns that their clients may potentially have.

Paving its way to success, Virtudesk has been recognized and praised for its services by many well-known platforms. They have an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau and hold a place in the Inc. 5000’s list of fastest-growing companies in the United States. Virtudesk even won the Titan Business Awards for the exponential growth they have shown. They were named Best Virtual Assistant Solutions in 2022 by the International Business Magazine and received the title of the fastest growing company by Growjo and Financial Times.

While being a futuristic and visionary company, Virtudesk’s mission isn’t limited to providing the best virtual assistant to corporations. They also work tirelessly to create more opportunities in the Philippines to help people find work from the comfort of their homes. Their tremendous efforts have enabled many single mothers and Filipino families to return to life financially and utilize their skills and talent most efficiently. They strive to give their VAs a work-life balance, which is definitely needed to stay happy and succeed in life. They also have a retirement plan, PTO, health coverage, and financial aid program for their virtual assistants so they can get extra help in times of need. It would not be an understatement if we say that Virtudesk is a one-stop solution for various organizations and skilled employees.

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