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Over a Quarter of a Century of Laughter and Stomach Aches With Keith Ross Nelson

While others may find it challenging to stick to one particular career path for most of their lives, Keith Ross Nelson has dedicated over a quarter of a century to his passion: entertaining audiences across the globe. The comedian has met people from all walks of life and learned that regardless of race, color, or the country that he is in, one thing people have in common is their love for laughter, and he truly knows how to bring loads of it every time he takes the spotlight.

Keith Ross Nelson has traveled to virtually every part of the world. California, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, name it and Keith’s been there bringing nothing but jokes in his suitcases paired with unparalleled professionalism. Besides being extremely funny, Keith is also quite the stunner. He looks younger than his age and is not shy about joking about his looks. “I’m like the cool old dad who everyone seems to be ok with,” he shared.

Asked what sets him apart from the thousands of comedians fighting to dominate the industry today, Keith Ross Nelson shared that his authenticity and relatable acts make him one of the strongest players in the scene. In addition, the comedian is committed to always bringing something fresh to the table to keep audiences excited and optimistic. Truly, Keith knows how to give them a good time, leaving their bellies aching from laughter every time he takesthe stage.

Because of his captivating performances, Keith Ross Nelson has amplified his name on national television. The entertainer has appeared on Entertainment Tonight and Hulu’s Comedy Time. Besides television shows, Keith has also appeared in various hit independent movies, including Mobsters and Mormons and The R.M. Furthermore, the comedian has been featured across multiple prominent platforms, such as the New York Weekly, LA Wire, Entertainment Monthly, Miami Wire, LA Times, Daily News, and more.

On top of his successful career as a comedian, Keith Ross Nelson is also an accomplished athlete. He won three national championships in masters high jumping and finished second in the world masters championships in 1998. In addition, Keith has held the record high in his age group from the year 2000 all the way up to 2007. Also, the comedian is a third-degree black belt in kung fu and is currently working on getting his fourth.

Keith Ross Nelson delivers discipline in his acts, something he learned as an athlete. Without a doubt, Keith not only knows how to throw powerful kicks in kung fu but also knows how to deliver killer lines in comedy. 

In five years, Keith Ross Nelson envisions taking his praise-worthy acts to bigger stages worldwide. He wants to perform in theaters and also explore  movies. The comedian also aims to share the knowledge he has acquired after 30 years in the game to help performers who are merely in the early days of their careers. 

Keith Ross Nelson proves that anyone can do what they set their hearts into. With a little bit of grit, perseverance, personality, and a few jokes up the sleeves, anyone can be anything. To learn more about Keith Ross Nelson, visit website ( and his Instagram (@Keithrossnelson).

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