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Off the Rails Restaurant Promotes Ludlow’s Local Scene to the World by Chef Andrew Molen

Off the Rails Restaurant is a new bar-restaurant located in Ludlow, Vermont. It is already known for its mouthwatering selections of all-time American favorites, like pizza and chicken wings, and some creative and fun bar bites.  It has become people’s go-to spot when they want to experience top-notch food, live music and performances, and a good ambiance.

Off the Rails Restaurant is currently pulling out all the stops to elevate the food and beverage scene of Ludlow, Vermont. Having witnessed a lack of late-night hangout spots in the town, the brilliant team behind this emerging enterprise thought it best to establish a restaurant and bar that cater to the needs of both the locals and tourists in the area. “We felt that Ludlow was missing a late local hangout,” shared the restaurant’s founder, Andrew Molen. “And we thought that by opening this, we would allow the locals and visitors to have a place to come and have fun. We want them to enjoy some good food and a welcoming atmosphere,” he added.

As Vermont is known to be a ski hot spot, thousands of tourists come to visit the state to experience the thrill. Seeing this as an opportunity to put the town on the map as an all-year destination, Off the Rails has made it its mission to provide the perfect place for delicious food, good vibes, and great music. It has partnered with a craft brewery company called Mount Holly to offer high-quality drinks for high-quality food made in a high-quality community.

Andrew Molen and Troy Curaso have high hopes for this bar and restaurant in Ludlow. Andrew has worked for high-quality restaurants in New York, including Insieme (Michelangelo Hotel), Chez Josephine, Southgate Restaurant (Jumeirah Essex House), The Plaza Food Hall (The Plaza Hotel), Sunset Beach (AB Hotels), Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (The London Hotel) Topping Rose House (Jean Georges), and Todd English Enterprises. 

Now, he is conquering the food scene in Ludlow, by bringing the dining experience to a whole other level. With his experience and extensive knowledge, he has married service, atmosphere, and food to create a once-of-a-kind bar and restaurant that caters to everyone who steps foot in the establishment.

“Our vision behind this venture is to bring some good and fun food so locals can listen to live music. We want them to enjoy good music and relax after a long ski day,” said the brilliant chef. 

Widely known in the industry as an innovator with excellent training and development skills, Andrew is continuing to improve and innovate the dining experience.

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