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Nour Atta: Shaping Today’s Retail Traders through Stock Hours

Finding one’s passion early, being able to pursue it, and attaining great success is a rare opportunity that should not be wasted. Entrepreneur Nour Atta is one of those fortunate enough to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience and the incredible young man is determined to share his knowledge with others.

What jumpstarted the options trader’s career was the unique opportunity of being offered to participate in an internship on Wall Street at a very young age. At the time, he was only 16 years old, and even though he was mostly tasked to do clerical duties, it was enough to pique the teenager’s curiosity into the field of trading.

The internship was instrumental in showing the aspiring trader the endless possibilities that a career in trading can provide. It did not take long for his interest to quickly grow into passion, and eventually, he decided to pursue a career in trading. Now, he has achieved an impressive success turning $20,000 into a multi-million-dollar operation.

However, more than accomplishments in his personal career, what makes Nour Atta stand out is his mission to teach people how to become master traders. Through his venture Stock Hours LLC, he has transformed regular individuals into six-figure retail traders.

The business initially started as a way for the young expert to share his knowledge with his closest friends and create a community that helps one another grow. Due to its outstanding goal and culture, what started as a small circle quickly snowballed; and now, Stock Hours has over a thousand students.

One crucial aspect that contributed to the success of the brand is its accessibility. The company uses a Signals Chat and Nour Atta has perfectly explained their winning strategy, “In this signals chat we literally post trade ideas each morning and signal our entries live on voice as well as host lessons 3-5 times a week along with much more.”

Aside from that, the venture has a dedicated team of qualified interns who are readily available to help any new students with any concern. It is this unparalleled level of commitment that has catapulted the business to the top of the industry.

Because of its notable impact in helping the retail market’s knowledge base grow, the company has been recognized by many as “The Only Educational Platform To Help You Learn About How To Trade in Market.” On top of that, it has earned a whopping $8 million in profits for 2020 alone.

Nour Atta has grand plans for the future of his company and students. He sees himself growing Stock Hours from a humble community of traders into a full-fledged hedge fund. For now, the brilliant business owner remains steadfast in his objective of educating and empowering more individuals to become an expert retail trader.

Learn more about Nour Atta by visiting his Instagram page and YouTube channel. To know more about Stock Hours LLC, check out its Instagram & Youtube.

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