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New Partnership Alert: PRNEWS.IO Joins Forces with GetDevDone to Empower Online Businesses

PRNEWS.IO Joins Forces with GetDevDone
Photo Credited to: PRNEWS.IO

To bridge the gap between a strong online presence and targeted content reach, PRNEWS.IO, the world’s first online sponsored content store, and GetDevDone, a web development company, are partnering on the PRNEWS.IO Rewards Program. The collaboration is designed to streamline marketing efforts, increasing online visibility and audience engagement. Companies get more value with less complexity, helping their businesses stand out digitally.

During a Q&A session, we were able to gain valuable insights about the partnership from key personnel in both companies. Alexander Storozhuk, a Forbes Business Council member and PRNEWS.IO Founder, and Dmitry Maschenko, the Delivery Director at GetDevDone, shared their perspectives with us.

Q: What makes your web development services stand out to potential clients?

Dmitry Maschenko: Leveraging our years of experience and expertise in various areas of web development, such as WordPress, Shopify development, Drupal development, we are confident that our services will deliver outstanding value to our clients.

  1. What are the financial benefits of this partnership for businesses?

Alexander Storozhuk: Thanks to the PRNEWS.IO Rewards Program, our clients can get a 25% discount on their first order with GetDevDone, while we provide free access to the PRO version of our catalog to all GetDevDone customers for two months.

  1. How will the partnership affect a brand’s storytelling?

Alexander Storozhuk: It ensures a smooth transition for your brand’s story from a custom-made website to wide-reaching content distribution.

  1. Can businesses manage the Full-Cycle marketing through this collaboration?

Alexander Storozhuk: This partnership allows digital teams to handle everything from website development to content visibility on the most favorable terms and conditions.

Q: In what way does the partnership between your companies benefit your clients?

Dmitry Maschenko: This partnership aims to provide top-notch web development solutions at a special discounted rate, empowering PRNEWS.IO’s clients to achieve their digital goals with utmost efficiency and excellence.

Alexander Storozhuk: Our partnership with GetDevDone is a testament to our commitment to providing comprehensive services where businesses can not only build their brand but also ensure their message reaches the desired audience with precision.

For a comprehensive understanding of the Rewards Program and its intricacies, interested parties can delve into the dedicated PRNEWS.IO’s Rewards section. This informative segment serves as a valuable resource, offering insights into the terms, conditions, and nuanced details of the program. Whether businesses are navigating the initial steps of engagement or seeking to maximize the benefits of this collaboration, the Rewards section serves as a guide, providing clarity and transparency. 

About GetDevDone

GetDevDone is a leading provider of top-quality web development services. We specialize in Website development, Building low-code/no-code solutions, E-commerce development, Web application development, UI/UX design.


PRNEWS.IO simplifies the seamless sharing of news and stories between companies and journalists, bloggers, and media outlets worldwide. Through its on-demand content marketing platform, businesses can directly purchase slots for their native format articles on over 100,000 reputable news websites across 198 countries, with no hiring process or long-term commitments.


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