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Carla Garcia Helps Clients Navigate These Tumultuous Financial Times With My Plan Keeper

No matter what we do, the future is always deemed to be uncertain. Preparation and planning are instrumental in securing our futures, especially when it comes to retirement and financing. As such, Carla Garcia has established her company, My Plan Keeper, to help anyone plan ahead for whatever may be in the cards. Now more than ever, Carla’s services have become a dire need for many individuals as the worsening market conditions, global inflation rate, and looming recession have left many people feeling financially lost. 

Carla Garcia has devoted much of her life to helping other people through her craft. Over the past two decades, she worked as a financial advisor and relationship manager to a wide variety of clients. Working with people from all walks of life, Carla has educated many types of individuals, such as business owners, professional athletes, healthcare professionals, and government employees, to name a few. 

Throughout most of her seasoned career, she worked a six-figure job at Merrill Lynch and Citi Personal Wealth Management within the Miami and Fort Lauderdale markets. Without any prejudices or personal biases, Carla Garcia treated all of her clients with the utmost care and concern, prompting them to call her their keeper. Eventually, the name would stick, and Keeper Carla became a prominent figure in the financial industry.

Nowadays, through My Plan Keeper, she continues to do good through her renowned financial keeping services, offering clients a one-stop-counsel for their financial goals. Carla Garcia’s services have become a breath of fresh air in today’s current financial climate. In this year alone, market volatility has been at an all-time high, with stable investments seeing an unusual downward trend and shifting the fundamentals.

“We are in an outlier year. We have both the equities market and bond market down in double digits for annual returns for the first time in over 30 years,” shared Carla Garcia. Panic is running rampant among the general population, who have put most of their life savings into these supposedly stable markets. This has become a generational issue, as more and more people are suffering under the immense pressure of the overturned markets. Carla’s advise is for people to not loose hope, stay focus and seek wisdom, which sometimes if you are smart and you have a great money manager it does not mean you are wise. 

My Plan Keeper has positioned itself in the industry to help curb its clients’ financial worries. With a hands-off approach to asset management, Keeper Carla Garcia brings her retirement expertise and safe money strategies to the table for all the people who are in need of her services. 

“My Plan Keeper is for the people that want to be part of a different approach, who seek to learn and apply strategies to protect them from what previous generations were not able to secure,” explained Carla Garcia. “What worked in the past is not going to work moving forward,” she added. Is also not about firing your financial advisor or taking a huge step out of your comfort zone, it is about understanding that when you are at a certain stage in life, changes or shifts in strategies are necessary for success. 

By putting an emphasis on planning and fool-proofing financial management strategies, My Plan Keeper helps clients make wise decisions, identify foolish ones, and secure their finances through Carla Garcia’s knowledge and experience. As we all know, life comes in phases, and it is always better to prepare for each phase and always look ahead. My Plan Keeper helps clients realize this fact and protects them from inflation, long-term care cost, sequence of return risk, taxes, market volatility, and even Medicare. 

“When a person turns 65, there are so many decisions to make, and most people don’t address their concerns with their advisor because they don’t assimilate them with risk protection,” shared Keeper Carla. My Plan Keeper fills that gap in the industry by being a trusted partner and holding the hands of its clients while they feel free to make their decisions without fear. 

Can you add this quote I always say?: Planning is key to success, wise planning is the actual code to secure success.

Ultimately, My Plan Keeper is safeguarding the future for generations to come. Navigating one’s financial journey is always an arduous task, but with a Keeper at bay, things will become a lot clearer, and the hopes for a better tomorrow will no longer have to wait. 

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