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Monytize Can Distribute Your Next Film, TV show, Music or Video Game

Social media has connected people from virtually any part of the world, but most users have always been mere consumers. Monytize aims to change the social media game by transforming users into monetizers with its revolutionary approach to the digital space. 

Monytize is a community of free thinkers, content creators, athletes, artists, celebrities, non-profits and more. The platform is curating a unique way of consuming entertainment and online connectivity while generating revenue back to its users and worthy beneficiaries from around the world. Monytize is creating a massive impact on a global scale by reinventing social media consumption and ensuring that consumers get their fair share of the multi-billion dollar industry. 

Members of the Monytize community can stream entertainment, play games, and engage with their friends and family on the platform. As the world’s first philanthropic social media platform, Monytize is changing the world, one cause, brand, goal, and mission at a time. After its official BETA launch on September 1, 2022, the platform has helped people and organizations worldwide. 

Furthermore, Monytize vowed to give 20% of its earnings to people who need help and lift their lives. Monytize has sealed partnerships with many respectable organizations, including Social Wireless, a South African Company providing free internet services in Johannesburg. The partnership has made it possible for South African Monytize members and their community to access social media, movies, music, and games that generate passive income for them and their families.

Monytize presents a philanthropic and wholesome approach to the entertainment industry, changing people’s perception of it as merely for fun but as an instrument for positive change. Users are contributing to the positive legacy Monytize is building. 

Unlike other entertainment platforms requiring regular subscription fees, Monytize welcomes members to its community for free and gives them access to life-changing opportunities to pursue their passion for content creation and entertainment. Monytize is currently in the market for distribution deals for original movies from directors, original music from producers, original content from video game developers, and unique stories from authors for eBook distribution. 

Monytize was founded by serial entrepreneur Terrell Samuels, a product of 14 fruitful years of his research, conceptualization, and planning. Terrell wants Monytize to be his lasting legacy, the pinnacle of his many successes. The entrepreneur has long made an impact in the entertainment industry, recognized by the Napoleon Hill Foundation as the executive producer of Millionaire Awaken Your Secret, a documentary based on the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. 

Besides dabbling his feet into the entertainment scene, Terrell is also known for handling over 100 celebrities and taking on pivotal roles himself in the creations of Craenspeak Production, the powerhouse behind Black Irish, Once Was Lost, and Prey for Rock and Roll. 

Terrell is also known in the medical industry for being the brainchild of the marketing efforts for building a surgery center, medical spa, and cancer treatment center. He also merged his expertise in the entertainment and medical fields to build The Marketing Doctor (The MD). 

Asked what motivated him to build Monytize, Terrell said, “It’s so that every person has an opportunity to be the change they want to be in their home communities as well as the world.”

Monytize just secured a lead investor in their Series A round of funding. Alex and John Ruiz of Ruiz Investment Family Office out of Miami, FL has committed to leading Monytize’s Series A round of funding as they are catching global momentum.

Monytize will be seeking to raise an undisclosed amount to help them keep up with the global growth of over 100k+ new members joining the platform each week since the soft beta launch started this September. Monytize also just added another feature called  “Moments”  which is similar to Instagram live or Facebook live

Monytize also partnered with proto hologram, which P.Diddy is an investor in. was featured on America’s Got Talent earlier this month. Kenan Thompson and Terrell Samuels will be on stage inside the Protohologram in over 70 cities on a comedy tour starting September 23rd in Atlanta, Boston and Chicago. 

Monytize is now available on the Apple App store and Google Play. 

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