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Mompreneur Mastery Offers Guidance to Moms with Business Aspirations

Motherhood is not an easy feat. There’s a lot to get done on a day-to-day basis and plenty to handle. But in recent times, there has been a rising trend of mothers seeking to start businesses alongside raising children. As rewarding as the road can be, it’s not easy. Thankfully, the world has mother coaches like Kasey Labrie and programs like Mompreneur Mastery. 

Kasey is a mother of four and a wife to a military man. She is also an author and businesswoman who has launched two successful ventures within six months of one another—Buffalo Group Tours and her recent start-up Mompreneur Mastery. Labrie has a big heart for mothers worldwide and seeks to help them chase after their dreams despite the stigmas that weigh them down and the busy schedules they often wrestle with frequently.

“After launching two businesses, I thought it might be time to start sharing some industry advice,” shares the entrepreneur. “Mompreneruship is not for the faint of heart. It can easily become very overwhelming. But if you have a good support system and valuable resources at your fingertips, you can find great success.” 

When starting her businesses, Kasey faced many struggles. On top of dealing with time management issues, she often felt lonely. There is a significant gap in terms of communities for mothers with businesses, leaving many moms lacking the support system and guidance to traverse through their atypical challenges when running a demanding start-up, especially in the early stages. Kasey conceptualized Mompreneur Mastery, seeking to provide that support system. 

Many mothers spend dozens of hours per week homemaking and child-raising, leaving very little room to start a business. But the recent rise of digital technology has made it possible for women at home to start businesses alongside raising kids and managing households. That’s not to say that it isn’t challenging anymore, as most women struggle to get over the steep learning curve of starting a virtual business.

Mompreneur and coach Kasey Labrie hopes to help mothers get over the hurdles of business start-ups by launching Mompreneur Mastery. The company provides women with learning programs that teach them how to successfully launch businesses and rise above the overwhelming demands of juggling kids, home, and entrepreneurship. The company’s slogan declares, “Staying inspired when you’re just plain tired.” The tagline is both a salute to mothers everywhere and a promise to help them get over business and life challenges. 

Kasey Labrie and Mompreneur Mastery have appeared on many podcasts and publications for their work in empowering mothers everywhere who seek to marry two callings: one at home and one in the virtual business world.

Kasey Labrie’s main activity through Mompreneur Mastery is providing coaching services to mothers with aspirations of launching a successful business. She is unique as a coach in that she leaves room for blurred lines. “Being a mom of four, I fully understand it is not always practical to shut your kids out of the room to focus on your work,” explains Kasey. “That is, in fact, quite counterproductive since most mothers have decided on the entrepreneurial journey to spend more time with their families, not the latter.”

Kasey hopes that Mompreneur Mastery will turn into chapters worldwide and expand into a movement that inspires women to chase after their dreams. Learn more about the company and its founder, Kasey Labrie, by visiting the official website.

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