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Mohamad “Smush” Masri Drops Everything for a Profitable Gaming Career

Usually, the typical paths to success don’t work for everyone, and now that the world is at a point where virtually anything can be made into a career, Mohamad Masri, AKA Smush, is taking his chance in an unconventional field. Unable to make enough income from a 9 to 5 job or afford college, Mohamad sought alternatives and found himself in the gaming space. He took to streaming on Facebook, and today, he’s a top gun in the industry, making a killing and steadily growing.

Mohamad Masri moved to the United States from Syria with his family at a young age. Like many immigrants, he experienced the struggles and challenges that come with life in the US as an immigrant. He played video games a lot as a young boy, a hobby that would eventually pay off in his adult years and even help him make a living. Within a year of streaming on Facebook Gaming, he struck a partnership with Facebook. Today, his 114,000 active community followers have helped him make it a full-time job, giving Mohamad a happy place he calls a job.

Within the gaming niche, he also learned to develop for FiveM and has created a game server with more than 3,000 players. From game streaming, Mohamad learned coding all by himself, and today, he’s all the better for it as it has set him apart from other streamers. As a professional streamer, Smush plays games for entertainment which thousands of people watch all over the world. His brand gained even more prominence during the pandemic as many people were stuck at home with nothing else to do other than to find other forms of entertainment. His community of followers continue to grow and foster familial relationships, which motivates Smush and keeps him connected with them.

Smush has set up his game streaming brand in a way that his audience never knows what to expect during a streaming session. He focuses on making sure they enjoy the game while having some laughs in the process. “I have brought people together as a family and made them happy. That is the goal for me, and I make sure we all enjoy ourselves by having a good time,” he says. Building his brand happened because he played a lot of video games when he was young to get through difficult times. He also watched video game streamers, and it easily influenced him to wish to become one. Seeing the effect he has on his audience and seeing how many people he has inspired to take on game streaming as a career continue to motivate him to work harder. In his words, “Both young and old folks have decided to become streamers just by being part of my community. It feels great to have that kind of effect on people. It’s what keeps me going every day.”

Seeing his community grow every day is all Smush wants to see, and in a few years, he wants to see a new crop of game streamers going out from his mentorship to become successful in the industry. Mohamad Masri changed his life by pursuing the one thing he enjoyed and has entertained people, inspired them, and put a smile on their faces. “If that’s not fulfillment, I don’t know what it is,” he says.

Learn more about Smush on Facebook.

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