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Model and Entrepreneur Rae Serbeck Releases His Humanitarian Book Titled 5 Published Thoughts of a Man in the Year 2020

Popular model, thriving entrepreneur, and actor Rae Serbeck is poised to make a difference among today’s young people, inspiring him to publish his book titled 5 Published Thoughts of a Man in the Year 2020. The book is a collection of his written works published by the international magazine Elixir by Royel, which has millions of followers and readers across the United States. Rae has been praised for his articles, which tackled common issues like abuse, bullying, drug addiction, racism, and even his deep thoughts on love. 

Writing 5 Published Thoughts of a Man in the Year 2020 was something that Rae took very seriously in order to open the eyes of the younger generation on many current social issues that demand attention. Moreover, he wanted to add credible and reliable knowledge to them and empower them to make intelligent decisions in the future. His desire to see a more well-informed generation motivated him to finish the book despite his other commitments in life. 

“A lot of today’s generation is fed very negative, and a lot of times, angry views on things and essentially are just told how to feel without being given a perspective,” Rae shared. “My book was written as a combination of all of my humanitarian writings giving perspective without telling anyone how to feel or what to do. It’s purely just a book of perspective and kindness.”

Rae Serbeck started his illustrious career in 2017 after his friend Adam Christian Colvin talked him into trying out his luck in being a runway model. Fortunately enough, the two were chosen to model clothing apparel for an L.A. talent alongside four more well-known models. That stint paved the way for him to be recognized by a modeling agency based in Utah, United Fashion Talent. Some years later, Rae had his big break and made it to a widely published magazine called Inspired Magazine. 

His acting project came in 2020 after he was hired to appear in Robbie Tripps’ music video. In May of the same year, he started the rare opportunity to write for Elixir by Royel. Rae has had the privilege of being published in 25 international magazines in total. He has also appeared in short films and is expected to be seen in more screen projects in the future. 

Despite his thriving modeling career and non-profit clothing company, Witness Me Clothing Co., Rae envisions leaning more towards writing in the next few years. 5 Published Thoughts of a Man in the Year 2020, as it looks, was a beautiful beginning for him, and he is looking forward to coming up with new materials that will impact readers across the globe. He discovered the immense power of books to influence the perception of people, and he wants to leverage it to help shape the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs who will continue to change the world. 

As someone who has been passionately advocating for humanitarian initiatives for the past two years, Rae hopes that through 5 Published Thoughts of a Man in the Year 2020, more people will be inspired to exercise more compassion, thoughtfulness, and forgiveness towards others. 

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