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Mo Kumarsi Is the Marketing Guru Disrupting the Industry for Good

Mo Kumarsi
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The perseverance and consistency you put in will define your level of success. Mo Kumarsi proves this statement by defying all odds by believing in and chasing his dreams. Being the CEO and co-founder of REV3AL is not as easy as Mo makes us think. However, with confidence, the CEO brings his experience of working with some big-shot companies like Power Ledger, CoinPayments, ICOs, IDOs, and IEOs, to name a few.

REV3AL is a security technology company in the web3 space providing new & dynamic security solutions to protect creators, artists and users. What makes REV3AL such a success is the team’s expertise and knowledge of the web3 space.. As the CEO, Mo knows everything from the front to the back end, from exchanges to market makers and growth hackers to marketing. Mo takes pride in learning new things every day, which has been attributed to his professionalism in this field.

The CEO has earned the nickname “the blockchain evangelist” for working with startups for more than 15 years. Mo provides invaluable insight to enhance projects through strategic relationships and building and inspiring communities. Mo’s story started when he arrived in America from Iran. From dishwashing to cleaning and selling cars to now being the CEO of an executive company, Mo says you either win or die trying. It is safe to say that he has been the perfect example of why patience can get you anywhere you want to be.

His ability to form and manage great teams makes him stand out. Mo has been recognized globally as a thought leader and educator due to his determined personality and willingness to put in the hard work. Attributing most of his successes to spirituality, Mo says that if your desire is righteous, you go after it, and it is done. “Anything you are looking for is possible. You just have to make it happen” is the message he tries to get across to outreach programs in his church.

Mo wishes someone would have told him anything was possible at a younger age. However, he continues to dream bigger and better for himself by focusing on public speaking and coaching. Mo’s biggest mission is to change people’s lives and financial situations through his mentorship. Mo has had a lot of success advising different companies due to his keen eye for opportunities and success in building meaningful and productive teams.

There are currently very few people building security into Web3, and REV3AL aims to be the Norton 360 of Web3. Everyone working at REV3AL is excited about the possibilities of the new technology being integrated into their partner platforms. The company is looking forward to growing its partner list, which is currently sitting at 100, while also integrating with the metaverse, artists, and creators. REV3AL prides itself on the quality and expertise of its services and the bright future the company holds for its clients.

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