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Mike Petruccelli and Ralph Vitiello, Two Strategic Minds At the Helm of Acclaimed Financial Institution Northpointe Bank

The rise of emerging ventures and the continued reign of established industry powerhouses cannot be credited solely to the quality of their services and how effective they are in meeting the needs of their target markets. After all, this ability to satisfy one’s customer base wouldn’t come into existence without the expertise and efforts extended by the leaders spearheading the establishment. In the case of Northpointe Bank, a client-focused company known for providing custom-tailored home loans and retail banking products, the position its Northeast Region branch has secured at the top of the industry is the result not only of the work it does but also of the leadership of Mike Petruccelli and Ralph Vitiello.

Founded in 1999, Northpointe Bank has served as a highly trusted partner to countless individuals and families, delivering top-notch services and products. In giving solutions designed to address the customer’s financial problems, it keeps in mind ICARE, the company pledge that stands for “innovate, client-focused, acting with integrity, real value provided, and empowered.”

Currently, this widely recognized institution is upping its already impressive game by expanding its team. At the helm of this strategic maneuver are two seasoned professionals who have been at the forefront of efforts to build long-standing relationships with clients and support them in the face of any hardship. Mike Petruccelli, one-half of the power duo contributing to the domination of Northpointe Bank, stands as its Regional Vice President of Sales. He plays an integral role in the venture’s operations, managing the execution of all sales initiatives, achieving and exceeding all sales goals, influencing and driving growth to ensure short- and long-term revenue expansion in the Northeast region. 

The competence with which Mike Petruccelli handles his responsibilities speaks of his extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the industry. Prior to joining Northpointe, he co-founded Maverick Funding Corp. in 2007. As president, he propelled the venture toward the summit and contributed to developing strategies for promoting revenue, profitability, and growth. In 2015, this Rutgers University graduate sold the company to Home Point Financial, where he then acted as its Managing Director of Retail Sales. 

Today, Mike Petruccelli works in tandem with Ralph Vitiello, the Vice President of Northpointe Bank’s Northeast Region. This well-respected name in the world of financial services has three decades of experience in home lending under his belt. Over the years, he’s managed to bag numerous recognitions, one of which is the Businessman of the Year award from the Italian American Federation. In recognition of his arsenal of skills, he was also appointed to Secretary Preston’s advisory board under the George Bush administration during the last 200 days of his office to spearhead the country’s recovery from the 2007 and 2008 mortgage crisis. 

Ralph Vitiello’s team up with Mike Petruccelli in steering Northpointe Bank toward the limelight is not their first tango as he’s the co-founder of Maverick Funding and was in charge of developing operational tactics that guided the organization to great heights. Now, these two authorities are pouring their expertise into making it possible for Northpointe not only to grow its consumer base but also bridge the gaps in the industry. 

Learn more about Mike Petruccelli and Ralph Vitiello by visiting their Linkedin pages. More information about Northpointe Bank can also be found on its website.

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