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Michael Candelario Champions Goal-Setting in Education and Entrepreneurship to Attain Success

Michael Candelario channels his lifelong passion for education and entrepreneurship into the creation of various businesses that provide innovative solutions to the everyday problems of modern life.

Even at an early age, Michael Candelario already recognized the value of education and exhibited the instincts of an entrepreneur. Facing and overcoming challenges thrilled him, which caused him to take up problem-solving as a hobby. He wholeheartedly welcomed every opportunity to expand his vast array of skills and talents. For instance, he worked hard to become fluent in English and conversational in Spanish while growing up in Phoenix, Arizona. 

His completion of a degree in Real Estate Urban Land and Economics from the University of Wisconsin – School of Business is the perfect example of how he combines academic and business pursuits. He later founded MAC, a property solutions company, and a few other successful businesses. Although the companies are in different industries, they all reveal Michael Candelario’s focus on solving problems in business operations and creating systemic processes.

MAC is a real estate business that provides property solutions to homeowners. The company buys distressed properties to “fix and flip.” Beyond the purchase and renovation of properties, MAC also takes care of the entire operation—from lead generation to the acquisition of properties and the development of exit strategies. In launching MAC, Michal Candelario had in mind homeowners who need assistance in managing real estate operations, acquiring properties, making investments, and more.

The company maintains its competitive edge by providing trustworthy and efficient property solutions to real estate needs. With over thirteen years of experience in the field, MAC has established itself as an industry leader and authority figure.

In addition to MAC, Michael Candelario also founded Nother Mother. The company manufactures unique, organic gummy bear products that have high nutritional value. Rich in multivitamins, Nother Mother products provide children with an enjoyable way to intake their daily nutrient needs. Products from the brand’s adult range include immunity boosters, sleep supporters, organic multivitamins, and many more.

Throughout the recipe development process, Nother Mother handpicked a panel of experts to ensure the production of high-quality products. By carefully considering each product’s flavor, nutritional value, and overall health benefits, the brand has achieved its goal of consistently delivering products that families can enjoy.

Michael Candelario may have diversified his business ventures, but his companies share one goal: to build teams, businesses, and systemic processes that provide innovative solutions to both clients and business partners. It was in 2008 when Michael first recognized the fire within himself that challenged him to grow, strive for greater growth, and achieve his desires. Since then, Michael shared, “I have bloomed into an entrepreneur with a large array of skills and a great team behind me.”

As he commits to keeping the same fire alive, Michael Candelario hopes to use his platform and journey to encourage others to set educational, personal, or business goals. Maintaining the drive to achieve one’s goals may be difficult, but there is no greater feeling than attaining one’s greatness.

For more information on Michael Candelario, you may visit his LinkedIn profile page.

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