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Melvin Edmonds JR: Reviving the New Jack Era with ‘Play’

Melvin Edmonds JR Reviving the New Jack Era with ‘Play’
Photo Courtesy: Melvin Edmonds JR

By: Briana Edmonds (Ebony Lifestyle Magazine)

As the world keeps turning and schoolyards echo the songs of the new, one genre remains in the heart of many, echoing back into one’s consciousness with a revamped rhythm: New Jack Swing. This beloved genre, born in the late ’80s and early ’90s, blurred lines in the music industry, dismantling the separate houses of jazz, funk, R&B, and hip-hop to build a harmonious home on a solid foundation of intricate rhythms and compelling narratives.

In recent times, an unexpected phoenix has arisen from New Jack Swing’s revered ashes, fanning the embers of nostalgia while infusing its beautiful, entrancing notes with a breath of the contemporary. The song igniting this flame is “Play,” turning heads and capturing hearts with every harmonious chord. The brainchild of Melvin Edmonds Jr. and Nyk Alexzander, “Play” encapsulates much more than music, it kindles the essence of a movement.

Melvin Edmonds Jr. — hailing from a rich musical lineage — and the resourceful Alexzander have banded together, channeling their ancestry of charm and skill in weaving a new fabric of this age-old genre. The intricate details and layered melody of “Play” are shaped by Edmonds Jr.’s evocative vocal prowess, intelligently complemented by Alexzander’s deft production skills. It’s more than mere nostalgia the pair bring to the table, they slot together pieces of the past with the promise of the future. Rekindling the vibrant embers of New Jack Swing, they present a radiant blaze, an immolation of the genre itself.

Melvin Edmonds JR Reviving the New Jack Era with ‘Play’

Photo Courtesy: Melvin Edmonds JR

Melvin Edmonds JR Reviving the New Jack Era with ‘Play’

Photo Courtesy: Melvin Edmonds JR

Melvin Edmonds Jr. and Nyk Alexzander crafted a delicate balance in the illustrious journey of maintaining the sanctity of New Jack Swing. Their innovative venture infuses the genre with an attention-grabbing element of modernity, making it appealing to ardent aficionados and drawing in a new audience eager to bask in the warmth of its captivating rhythms. The duo has engaged in an audacious dance with the past, casting the whimsical charm of New Jack Swing in a modern mold and propelling it into the planes of contemporary relevance.

Reflecting on this musical resurrection, it’s perhaps of little wonder that these two artists, embracing their roots and looking forth to the future, stand guided by the light of Maya Angelou’s wise words: “You will face many defeats in life. But never let yourself be defeated.” Instead of wallowing in defeat, they’ve risen to the challenge, engaged with their roots, and sprung forth to present an enriching blend of the classic and the contemporary.

This delectable resurgence of an era embedded in many hearts has barely begun yet promises to be a tuneful voyage through the past, present, and future. Embrace this harmonious ride, curated by minds that respect the old’s enchanting allure while cherishing the new audacious promises.

Keeping up with Melvin Edmonds Jr.’s journey through this harmonious blend of old and new has now been made easy. Stay in the loop through engaging social media platforms where updates and insights are a mere click away. Follow Melvin’s recent escapades on Facebook and Instagram.

And as you hit the follow button on these platforms, don’t forget to tune into “Play,” which is available on all major music platforms. Immerse yourself into this universe of enticing music where the past and the present forge an unforgettable future in song. Listen now on

Published by: Holy Minoza

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