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Melissa Bailey’s Mission to Educate and Empower Women in Real Estate and Homeownership

Melissa Bailey is an award-winning Realtor serving the metropolitan Phoenix area. As a seasoned real estate professional and native Mesa resident, Melissa has made it her mission to educate and support women in making informed decisions throughout the complex process of purchasing and investing in real estate.   When she isn’t busy finding clients their perfect homes, Melissa runs her company, FemmeVestor, an educational platform that equips women with the tools and knowledge necessary to build a strong real estate portfolio and increase their net worth. Her online course, FemmeVestor Academy, take women from owning their first home to buying their first investment property.

Melissa’s work is driven by a belief that women are the primary decision-makers when it comes to purchasing a home, yet the marketing in the industry often fails to address this fact. Melissa is changing this narrative by providing a platform targeting women and offering them the resources and educational support they need to make informed real estate decisions for themselves and their families. 

If you are a woman looking to purchase, invest, or resell real estate, Melissa Bailey is an expert in the industry with a highly competent, full-service team of women who will get your deal done!  Her heartfelt commitment in her representation of women and her passion for helping clients build wealth and security through real estate is contagious.

Reach out for your Arizona relocation or for Melissa to connect you with a like-minded realtor in your area.

Follow @themelissabailey on Instagram for more information.

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