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Masala Pizza Gives Day-to-Day Pizza a Different Twist with Its Indian Flavors

Wherever part of the world a foodie goes, pizza is always a welcome food choice that can bring life to any gathering, from a simple family get together to unplanned night outs with friends, birthdays, or even family dinners when moms would rather not cook after a long day at work. Seeing that pizza is a part of countless lives and homes across the country, Masala Pizza is elevating the experience of pizza lovers by giving it a special Indian twist. Known for its mouthwatering spices and delicacies, Indian food transformed into a delicious pizza menu is the closest foodies will get to heaven on Earth. 

Owned and managed by entrepreneur Jay Patel, Masala Pizza has been capturing the hearts of Chicago residents with its sumptuous selection of flavors. Patel thought of a business model that would empower him to expand his business fast and enable various pizza businesses to offer exciting Indian flavors to a wide array of clients. Masala Pizza was created during the pandemic; in the midst of all businesses closing down, Patel found a way to save local businesses from closing and by partnering together. Thus, Masala Pizza grew. Now there is a Masala Pizza in almost every corner of Illinois, from Naperville to Addison, Chicago, Lincoln Park, Downers Grove, and Schaumburg. Very soon, it will also be available in Glenview and Orland Park. 

“I want to help as many mom and pop places as I can. Having local restaurants is amazing. Knowing that each contains their own story, we want to help save that and be a growing part in their story,” Patel explained. 

The Masala Pizza is also best known for its thin-crust 17, double dough 19, and deep-dish 23, varieties that pizza lovers are enjoying like anything. When it comes to well-known Indian spices, the company does not hold back anything. The Jalapeño Balepeno has the Tikka Masala base, Moti sauce, and toppings made up of mozzarella, giardiniera, and of course, loads of jalapeños. The Paneer Tikka Pizza, on the other hand, mixes the Moti and Cilantro Lime Sauces with the Tikka Masala base. Its toppings include mozzarella, paneer, onions, green peppers, and garlic red seasoning. 

Thanks to Jay Patel, these exhilarating and delicious combinations are spreading like wildfire in the Chicago area and beyond. His current success in Chicago is something that he aspires to duplicate around the country by partnering with local restaurants. In fact, Jay is set to open in the New Jersey / New York market in the next few months with stores opening in Parsippany, Edison, and Jersey City. 

Aspiring entrepreneurs, chefs, and restaurants can learn a lot from Patel’s unique approach to growing his businesses. He is not only establishing himself as a promising businessman, but he is also effectively promoting Indian food culture at the same time.

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