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MartelTurnkey, Eric Martel’s Legacy and Testimony to His Love for Real Estate

Real estate has always been one of the most promising industries for decades, and while most people delve into the business in their adulthoods, Eric Martel decided that there was no better time to start than as a college student. What started as an interest quickly grew into a passion, but life would remove him from the industry he was so passionate about, setting him off on a whirlwind of ventures in other sectors. Eventually, Martel would find himself coming back to real estate and later establish his company, MartelTurnkey

Eric Martel is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, author, and speaker who ventured into the real estate industry from a young age. As  a university student, Matel did what his peers were hesitant or unable to do, he purchased  his first apartment building. Despite what some may consider a risky decision , Martel relied on his research and the advice of a mentor for the beginnings of his lifelong success. 

After completing his studies, Martel found work as an actuary. By then, computers were just starting to become a staple at work and he found himself immersed in programming, an area that he realized held great opportunities. Martel then found work with Siebel systems and moved to California, where he still resides today with his family.

Throughout the years, Eric Martel has maintained his entrepreneurial spirit, while he and his wife would delve into several businesses together. “They were great learning experiences,” said Martel. “Which is code for ‘they never made enough money’. But with all our ventures, our worst-case scenario was always breaking even. We were very disciplined and we always monitored our financials closely.” All the endeavors would ultimately guide  Martel back to his first love, real estate. Together with his two sons, they would establish MartelTurnkey.

MartelTurnkey initially started selling its turnkey single family rentals in Memphis and Cleveland, and  throughout the years has expanded to St Louis and Detroit markets. In just four years, Martel and his sons were able to create rapid success with enough revenue to allow him to retire from his day job. 

The company offers rentals with a tenant in place to allow clients to cash flow starting from day one. Prospective clients can rest assured of tenancy after taking possession with their lease terms. MartelTurnkey strives to create a considerable difference in the market and often assures clients there is no need to overpay for their properties with Appraisal Matching.

“We always sell our properties for their appraised value or less,” they said. “If your third-party appraisal comes in lower than expected, just let us know. No more overpaying for your turnkey rentals.” No other turnkey rental provider offers appraisal matching to their clients. Simple as that.

Eric Martel has created a legacy through MartelTurnkey while being dedicated to playing a significant role in helping others easily achieve financial freedom with single family rental opportunities.Learn more about Eric Martel and MartelTurnkey by visiting his official website. You can also reach out to him through Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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