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Marie S. Hall on Helping Children and Adults Transform Their Lives through Storytelling and Mentorship

Adversities and obstacles are always a part of one’s journey in life, but one’s reaction to the difficult moment determines success. Marie S. Hall is a woman who has taken a few nasty hits from life, but she didn’t stay down. Instead, she stood and learned to thrive, changing the trajectory of her life to become more intentional, understanding her words’ power, and valuing her self-worth to move from her fears to faith. Today, Marie is the founder and C.E.O. of RubyMac Learning Academy and Myrtle Tree Publishing. She is also an author, a transformational speaker, and a change agent, assisting others with becoming the best version of themselves.

Growing up, Marie experienced many childhood traumas, from molestation, domestic abuse, low self-esteem, and self-worth, to name a few. Still, instead of staying down, beaten, and broken, she stood tall, choosing to learn from her experience rather than letting it define her. Having overcome her traumatic experiences, Marie wanted to help others like her. Through firsthand experience, Marie understands that trauma can affect children’s academics and performance in school, deeming them at-risk youth.

She used her ministry, business, and educational background to weave in storytelling to deliver captivating tales to inspire others to triumph over their trials.

“As an educator and minister, I encounter people of all ages and walks of life that have experienced many different adversities, too. For example, some have experienced abandonment, abuse, and low self-esteem. These issues can manifest into feelings of unworthiness and become blockers in building trusting relationships. I knew that something had to change. Those issues can cause an individual to lose hope in their dreams. I’ve had many children and adults tell me they hated their lives and wish they could die, that they feel useless,” she explained.

Marie Hall works with children and individuals to develop their confidence, strengthen their knowledge and amplify their skills to impact the world. She began writing children’s books that would inspire and encourage African American children. In addition, her workshops focus on children’s social and emotional skills, time management, goal-setting, emotional intelligence, and other areas where there may be deficits. She also provides training and development for organizations that want to improve performance by building employee capacity.

Furthermore, she has had the privilege to impact many people’s lives through her ministry for over a decade. Marie has done transformational work with teens and young adult girls in group homes, mentoring adults living in shelters transition back into the workforce and has cultivated and mentored youth groups. “It’s a beautiful blessing to see God moving in the lives of those that I can touch. I love to empower people. I find joy in educating people as I help them find the strength to move from their fears and into new life. It’s all God guiding me as I provide the tools that will elevate them to their purpose,” she shares.

In the coming years, Marie S. Hall wants to continue using her voice and skills as a powerful tool to educate, elevate and empower children, teens, and other individuals, helping them transform their lives. She wants to own a state-of-the-art educational facility that will be the training grounds for educators and school districts and build capacity within organizations. The facility will also house an innovative, world-renowned private school focusing on developing globally-minded children to thrive and impact the world.

To learn more about Marie S. Hall and her learning academy, visit her website.

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