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Maktar Inc Promises Data Privacy and Safety with Qubii Duo

As dramatic as it may sound, no insurance policy can make up for data loss, a problem that almost everyone has encountered over the course of using computers, smartphones, and other digital tools. From accidental deletions to losing progress on a file one has spent hours working on because of a poorly timed crash, every possible misfortune that comes naturally when handling both softwares and hardware has caused people a headache or two. The stress associated with data issues is even more significant when it involves photos. In recognition of the role that pictures play in capturing fleeting moments and immortalizing events that a person wishes to relive in the future, Maktar Inc has gone all-out in ensuring that albums are kept intact and safe from the impact of human error and tech failure.

Maktar Inc is the home of Qubii Duo, an ultra-fast charging and advanced auto-backup cube for Apple and Android devices. Founded in New Taipei City in 2014, this global technology company strategically designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, software, and services. The brainchild of Mactaris Chen, it places a heavy premium on improving efficiency and security in the devices that individuals and companies use on a daily basis.

“With technology all around us, we want to protect your safety and privacy both online and offline and allow you to live adventurously and fully,” shared the mind behind this fast-growing establishment.

Since its creation, Maktar Inc has operated under the goal of creating more than a trending gadget. At the heart of its initiatives is the desire to encourage sensibility and proactive behavior among users as well as alleviate worries over technological failures by introducing intuitive products that can consistently deliver their promise of utility and efficiency.  

So far, Maktar Inc has managed to impress industry peers and customers alike for its selection of well-crafted products, one of which is the Qubii Duo. The award-winning innovation automatically triggers backup when people charge their phones or tablets. Its premise is simple: new photos are immediately backed up when detected in the device’s photo album. With its design aimed toward protecting users’ safety and privacy, Qubii Duo boasts a long string of features, including extensive storage, smart automatic backup, and two-factor authentication content security. 

While there are a host of other platforms that share the same objectives Qubii Duo has, most of them rely on a steady connection to the internet. This brainchild of Maktar Inc, on the other hand, acknowledges that not everything needs to be hosted online, and not all information should be stored on the cloud.

“By being offline, we do not risk our clients’ information and data to malware,” explained the team at the helm of the tech powerhouse.

With the launch of Qubii Duo, Maktar Inc was able to cement its reputation within the consumer electronics industry even more solidly. As it continues to provide digital solutions to issues that plague everyday users, it is expected to emerge as one of the leaders of the space in the years to come.

Learn more about Maktar Inc by visiting its website and Instagram page.

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