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Love Notes – Single Hearts Affair Author Twinkle Zaman on Harnessing the Power of the Written Word to Empower Women From All Walks of Life

Their power immeasurable, words can be strategically wielded to motivate and discourage, heal and hurt, educate and misinform, and more. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise why written works, from poetry and novels to articles and thought pieces, are held in such high regard and are considered tools not only to express oneself and transfer knowledge but also to impact readers in positive ways and make a difference in the lives of others. Twinkle Zaman, a purpose-driven author who hopes to inspire women from all walks of life, recognized the draw that words hold at a young age. Since then, she has made bold moves in line with the pursuit of her true calling – writing. 

From the get-go, Twinkle Zaman has been highly cognizant of the appeal of writing and how words – bare, stripped of pretenses, and inked on paper – can be therapeutic. Hand in hand with this acknowledgment is her desire for more. “I always knew I wanted something authentic and greater in this life,” she shared. After barrelling through numerous obstacles and struggling to fulfill her long-held dream for many years, the go-getter has managed to find her place. Today, she is carving her own path toward the forefront of the writing industry, setting an example for other aspirants to follow by fighting for what she truly wants and defying the odds. 

Twinkle is known for her distinctive and authentic approach to writing. Currently, the multi-faceted personality, who has graced several radio interviews with major stations such as WBZ 1030 CBS Boston, WTM 620 Milwaukee, and WCCO 830 CBS Minnesota, is excited to announce the drop of her next project. The newest edition of Love Notes – Single Hearts Affairs promises to be an empowering read dedicated to women. Split up into three sections, namely “Woman Within,” “Chasing Love,” and “Finding God,” this collection of poems hits close to home and speaks of a wealth of experiences that women are intimately privy to, from discovering themselves and coming into terms with their desires to finding their voices, dealing with heartaches, and struggling with affairs not only with other people but also with their hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. 

At the core of Love Notes – Single Hearts Affairs is an emphasis on women empowerment, a lifelong movement that Twinkle Zaman intends to place a heavy premium on through her works continuously. With the release of this new brainchild of hers, she wishes to send an important message to women across the globe and urge them to speak up and face the world with their heads held high. 

In the years to come, more can be expected from Twinkle Zaman. Highly fueled by the drive to inspire countless as well as see her name on the New York Times bestselling list, she will keep on leaving a mark, one word at a time.

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