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Lori Smith and Her Team of Experts Continues to Help Numerous Businesses Through Acu-Elligent LLC

Lori Smith is the founder and CEO of Acu-Elligent LLC, a well-known business coaching and management consulting firm that continues to help small-time businesses and individuals acquire government contracts without tribulation. Lori and her team are leveraging over forty years of federal service and using their expertise to help these companies achieve their goals. At Acu-Elligent, a devoted team of accomplished business strategists, mentors, professional trainers, and thought leaders take pride in their unwavering integrity and unbiased solutions when it comes to their first-rate services.

Ever since Lori launched Acu-Elligent, it has earned a stellar reputation for effectively offering the best solutions to helping businesses maneuver through opportunities and challenges using strategic positioning, relationship, and resources. As an idealistic leader with a firm entrepreneurial background and proficient with the perception of organizational development, Lori employs the idea of visualizing, strategic planning, evaluation, monitoring, and trusted advisory support to advance a client’s necessity.  

“I launched Acu-Elligent in the hopes of helping minority-owned businesses obtain government contracts, as well as simplifying the federal contracting process,” Lori says, adding that more often than not, minority-owned businesses, especially those run by women, get lost in the procedural aspect of government contracting. For some, the rejection can be discouraging, but Lori intends to change the tide of these circumstances through her company.

As a recently retired federal contracting officer, Lori is offering her contracting proficiency and fiscal oversight she leveraged to manage a broad spectrum of contract administration actions such as administering a $128 billion portfolio while granting administrative support and human resources management services.

Described by many as a systematic thinker, proficient enough to raise expectations while communicating neutrally with personnel at all levels, Lori’s capabilities aren’t solely reliant on her federal experience because as a person she is inherently incredible when it comes to masterful coaching conversations; she is also detail-oriented and nurturing when it comes to the growth and opportunity of her clients.

Naturally, for an established person like Lori, her extensive educational background has contributed to her remarkable development as a person and as a leader. Lori holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Resource Management from Troy University, a Master of Science in Education from the University of Oklahoma, and a Master of Arts in Business from the University of Phoenix. Adding to her extensive list of academic and non-academic achievements, Lori obtained a Level 3 certification in DAWIA (Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act), a FAC-C Level 3 (Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting), and a certification as a Growth IQ Personality Assessment Evaluator.  Lori also has American Board certifications as Hypnotherapist, Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and as a NLP Coach; and is certified as a Time Line Therapy Practitioner as well.

Being in the military, Lori has also received numerous awards for her service, including being the recipient of both the Department of Veterans Affairs and Army Outstanding Civilian and Performer Cash Awards, two Meritorious Service Medals, a Joint Service Achievement Medal, six Air Force Commendation Medals, and an Air Force Achievement Medal, to name a few.

Through the years, Lori developed the perceptive ability to quickly distinguish various problems that organizations and individuals face when seeking contracts with the federal government. In addition, Lori never fails to motivate her team to maximize their potential and develop an alignment and a clear roadmap leading to actual results. Furthermore, she empowers her clients to express their vision and educate them to understand federal contract terms and pricing and billing regulations deeply associated with doing business with the national government. 

Lori also took the opportunity to write a book that eventually helped her earn the title of best-selling author. WINNING BUSINESS PROPOSAL STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS: How To Give Your Business The Winning Edge, Writing To Win More Customers, Clients, And Contracts was written by Lori to express her creative thinking, splendid intuition, and insight. Other works include Customer Relationship Management: A Business Guide to Customer Relationship Management, Discovering Techniques for Attracting and Retaining Customers. Her latest effort, Business Development and Strategic Marketing: A Practical Guide for Business Owners, Understanding Business Development, Guidance for Orchestrating Strategic Marketing Plans for Success, will be published soon. 

Check out her LinkedIn profile to learn more about Lori Smith and Acu-Elligent LLC.

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