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Kris Adams and Marketplace.City Work to Revolutionize Local Governments, Community Organizations, and Small Businesses Across the Country

The most well-intentioned public servants often find themselves elected to local office, seeking to bring positive change to the communities they love. Once elected, these well-meaning community leaders run into a lack of time, funding, and institutional prowess that commonly prevents them from fully meeting their constituents’ needs.

Kris Adams has seen this problem first-hand. He knows local governments and municipalities should have access to the best services at the best value for their constituents. This is why Kris partnered with Chris Foreman to have access to a platform that connects public servants with scalable technologies and solutions.

As the internet expands beyond computers and smartphones to include nearly every device we use, Marketplace.City is here to bring cutting-edge tech to even the smallest municipalities. It helps governments source, validate, and procure technology solutions to bridge the gap between small-town budgets and big-city amenities. Marketplace builds coalitions based on needs, identifies funding opportunities, and creates relationships with service providers.

“Our mission is to simplify the process for local governments to source, validate, and procure new technology, so that governments can be responsive to their constituents and focus on their core mission to serve those constituents,” said Foreman. “Our products are developed with input and feedback from our partner cities, and we are committed to delivering valuable tools at no cost to government partners.”

Marketplace.City was launched to bring local public servants together with scalable service providers through coalitions. They work with any town, city, or country government to optimize resources and provide constituents with the most services and best value. Marketplace.City collaborates with Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Officers, City Managers, and elected officials.

“For more than a decade, I have built coalitions between governments, non-profit organizations, community groups, and other stakeholders throughout the United States,” said DDA Associates co-founder Kris Adams. “In that process, I identified a disturbing common thread. Localities consistently lack the institutional knowledge and established processes to procure services in a way that provides the best value for their constituents. Too often, these communities have an antiquated system with pre-approved winners for proposals. This leads to rampant mismanagement of taxpayer funds, mistrust of local leadership, and loss of opportunity for growth and prosperity.”

“We will continue to grow as we help the most forward-thinking communities identify and capitalize on the relationships that will help them best serve their current and future stakeholders,” he added.

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