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Knox’s Flame Resistant Collection Keeps the Builders of America Protected

Several industries, such as construction, oil and gas, pipeline, drilling, refineries, and power plants, have the potential to be work hazards because of the exposure, heavy machinery, and movements involved. Everyone who belongs to these industries is trained to put safety as their topmost priority. There are, however, circumstances that take workers by surprise – a sudden explosion that causes fire and chemical spills, to mention a few. During such times, workers need an added layer of protection, the kind that Knox provides. 

Knox is a thriving company that provides a wide array of flame-resistant apparel specially designed to keep users safe and protected while working in highly hazardous workplaces. The company’s products are guaranteed to be durable and reliable. From fire-resistant clothing to snap shirts, fleece hoodies, sherpa jackets, base layers, denim pants, and welding caps, the Knox online store is every worker’s shopping heaven. Apart from regular fire-resistant clothing, Knox also offers cold-ready premium fire-resistant gear. 

Its best sellers include the Knox FR short navy blue with snap buttons, Inferno Z87Z Safety Sunglasses, Knox fire-resistant LongSleev/ CRM shirt, and a small cap perfect for day-to-day use.

The company is guided by a simple yet inspiring mission: “We aim to evolve the way our oil and gas industry moves. Our main goal is to provide the best quality fire retardant clothing, both in design and functionality.”

Thousands of workers from various companies trust Knox for their protective apparel and gear, including BiLFINGER, Fluor, Aecom, KBR, Brown and Root, American Welding Company, Kiewit, Fagen Inc., Jacobs, SWAT, Turner Construction Company, and Weld, to mention few. 

Users cannot get enough of the products available at Knox. “Insanely comfortable! Wear mine in and outside work. Love it, worth the purchase,” scaffold builder Paola said. 

“Exceptional products! Great attention to detail. Awesome customer service overall,” added Brandon, a pipe welder who is very happy about the products. 

Knox owner John Miles is committed to establishing a unique kind of company that reflects his personal values and that of his clients. The brand is characterized by key values, including innovation, quality, integrity, teamwork and respect. For Miles, a commitment to non-negotiable product quality is one of the most effective ways to get the loyalty of consumers. True enough, his commitment to quality and excellence has transformed Knox into the successful fire-resistant apparel company that it is today. 

Working as a pipe fitter for 12 years before deciding to establish Knox in 2019 in Evanston, Illinois, Miles has accumulated years of valuable first-hand experience with the importance of fire-resistant clothing and gear and, therefore, understands what the immediate needs are. Determined to make a lasting difference in the lives of workers, he created Knox, naming it after his youngest son Damien Knox, and made sure that the products would be affordable and top-of-the-line. 

If anything, Knox is the best online shopping space for welders, drillers, ironworkers, and pipefitters. Thanks to Miles’ innermost desire to keep workers protected, they can now become more confident and far-reaching. 


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