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King Luxe Club Raises the Bar for High-End Car Showmanship, Club Events, and Social Impact

In many ways, King Luxe Club has everything one would expect from an exotic car club. Members enjoy supercars, luxury mansions, concierge services, and lavish trips. What makes King Luxe Club stand out is its emphasis on helping people grow. As a community, King Luxe Club spreads positivity among its members and to the community.

Abhi Malhotra, also known as KING AM, founded King Luxe Club not only to establish an organization but also to promote an entire lifestyle. Coming from a wealthy family, KING AM collected multiple exotic cars as a hobby. He took his passion even further when he formed his company and club in 2019, using personal funds and working hard to expand his enterprise.

King Luxe Club reflects KING AM’s international background and outlook. He was born in India, brought up in Dubai, and came to the United States ten years ago. Today, he uses his unique abilities and vision to bring together a worldwide audience excited about both high-end cars and self-development.

For KING AM, his success is thanks to the FIT BOYS who motivate him. The FIST BOYS is composed of Sam Kumar, Sal Iqbal, Karan Motwani, Gulaam Mujtaba, and Jaseem Siddiqui. They are the people who pushed KING AM to every level and trusted him enough for every move he makes. He also mentioned GS MOTOR CLUB from New Jersey who supported him all the way.

The King Luxe Club community comprises various professionals from a wide range of industries, such as doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers, and celebrities. Together, the club members share their interests, experiences, and expertise. They help each other grow and become inspired to live the luxury lifestyle. Specifically, King Luxe Club guides its members with learning investment strategies. The growing community also assists with all automotive work.

A focus on profitability is a growing trend among car clubs. However, King Luxe Club gives equal attention to building lasting relationships. To keep members engaged, the club facilitates events across the United States and internationally. Careful planning goes into these events to ensure that every experience enhances the main event. The company’s goal is to push the envelope of high-end car racing and showmanship. 

Because of the team’s comprehensive approach, often securing accommodations and other travel necessities, King Luxe Club has built a close-knit organizational culture and strengthened countless friendships. The common passion and shared memories between club members make them feel part of a family unit.

Recently, King Luxe Club has diversified into other industries. KLC Real Estate is already in operation, constructing homes for sale. The company is also preparing the launch of its own line of vodka and single malt scotch. As he ventures into the liquor industry, KING AM will utilize skills he acquired earlier in life. His father had a liquor business, and KING AM worked in that company for a few years.

In addition to these luxurious events and business ventures, King Luxe Club is also engaged in charity runs. The company has partnered with local brands in New York City to help them generate business and recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. King Luxe Club also hosts philanthropic activities that benefit children and cancer patients.

Being in King Luxe Club provides people with opportunities to celebrate life’s success. In the words of KING AM, the goal of the club is to “Inspire people to do better in life, spend money on themselves and their family, and enjoy life to the fullest in a top-shelf way.”

Visit the King Luxe Club website for more information.

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