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Journey of Brian Mark: From a drug addict to fitness champion

Many athletes have been open about their drug and alcohol use and getting sober. The story of Brian Mark is no exception. From hitting rock bottom to establishing a million-dollar business, this thirty-year-old entrepreneur’s life was no less than a bumpy ride. Born in Calgary, Alberta, Brian’s mother had him at the age of 17, and they had to move a lot because of money problems. At the age of 16, Brian Mark got addicted to drinking, drugs and partying. It seemed that there was no way out, but he knew how to overcome extreme obstacles.

Brian’s intense fitness and entrepreneurial journey may not have happened if he hadn’t tackled his drug and alcohol addiction first. He says he fell into partying, drugs and alcohol from age 16 to 24, destroying his personal and professional life. Like every addict, Brian Mark’s addiction started with occasional use and soon became an inseparable part of his life. When he realized his serious drug addiction, Brian decided to turn his life around. Quitted cold turkey and began replacing substance abuse with fitness competitions. Brian won first place and became the overall champion at the Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic and had notable performances in many contests he participated in.  

Giving up the addiction was the most difficult part for Brian. He was overweight as a youngster but to achieve something big, one has to make strong calls. Despite not having an official college degree, Brian crossed the million mark before he turned 29 and made over 10 million dollars in revenue before turning 30. All of this happened with sheer dedication, focus and an ambition to help others. As Brian said, “Once I turned my life around, I developed a newfound sense of confidence and wanted to share that with others. I became a coach for others, and I was very good at it. So good that my business scaled to $54,000 a month.”

Being associated with the fitness industry for nine years, Brian knew about the struggles that rookie fitness trainers have to face when they begin their careers. Making money as a fitness coach is not an easy task, especially if you don’t know how to get new clients. Brian decided to help such fitness coaches to scale their businesses and make money as he does. For the ones who are tired of doing their daily 8-12 hour work shift, making just enough, Change Lives Academy is the best place. The goal of this ultimate academy is to help people break free from the system and assist them in making $10,000 a month as an online fitness coach.

Starting his business in 2018, Brian Mark is impacting fitness coaches and his clients from all over the world. He has become one of the leading names in the online coaching and fitness industry as he guides fitness enthusiasts and trainers from all over the world to be their own bosses. With PT Domination, Brian has provided his clients with an online trainer escape plan. Now, these people can get paid what they are worth and keep all of the money by themselves. Brian has shown them a way to unchain themselves from the shackles of the 9-5 life and make $10,000 a month by helping people completely transform their lives through health and fitness.  

In its short tenure, the academy has helped some students break $10,000 in their first 30 days of the program. For online trainers struggling to attract new prospects and clients to enroll in their program, Change Lives Academy is here to help. The program is designed to help these trainers to get to 5k in their first 90 days working with the academy. Change Lives Academy has helped over 200 students break the $10,000-month mark. And you can be next. With a motto to provide the students with more freedom, more money and complete control over their lives, Change Lives Academy aims to change lives with their proven step-by-step process. The simplified, easy to understand business blueprint, outstanding customer service, and coaches that truly care about your goals provide the academy with a competitive edge over its counterparts. Change Lives Academy has helped students break $10,000 in their first 30 days of the program. However, typical results usually land clients around the 5k a month mark by 90 days in the program.

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