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ITech Provides an E-Learning Platform for Kids to Help Them Break Into the Tech Industry

Los Angeles, California / March 2022 – The tech industry is one of the biggest and most promising sectors in the world today, providing exceptional opportunities for growth and investments. It is for this reason that ITech, a non-profit organization that focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), is helping young children prepare for a possible future in the tech business by providing an e-platform with more than 300,000 free resources. Its e-platform resources were made possible through significant partnerships.

There are more than 20 coding languages for kids contained in the ITech e-platform and they can easily access them from the comfort of their homes. Since its establishment, it has also hosted exciting events for kids aged 8-17 to enhance their learning experience, including computer drives, coding, and software camps. 

Apart from offering its e-platform for small learners, the organization also specializes in career and job placement for college graduates and mid-career professionals looking for a way to penetrate the ever-competitive tech industry. Established in 2019, it has successfully helped more than 1,200 individuals get job placements and mentorship programs in Silicon Valley. 

This rare and pleasant opportunity comes as a welcome initiative to much underprivileged youth in the country today. ITech is especially focused on helping young people of color to help promote diversity and inclusion in Silicon Valley. 

Its founder Darrick “DJ” Johnson has been in the tech industry for more than ten years. He was motivated to develop ITech after receiving 1,000 rejection emails from every technology company he applied to in Silicon Valley. Inspired to make a lasting difference by opening opportunities for the younger generation, he worked tirelessly to make ITech a game-changer. Since 2019, Johnson has successfully placed more than 250 professionals in promising jobs in Silicon Valley. His organization was also able to donate more than 500 computers and create a learning program that children with potential can avail of regardless of their background. 

“We are here to help any and everyone looking to break into technology. Our goal is to help change the face of technology by providing a space for anyone, no matter their background, to succeed in the tech space,” Johnson shared.

Just in February 2022, DotCom Magazine announced that ITech had been selected to be part of its annual Impact Company of the Year List for 2022. The Impact Company of the Year Award recognizes and celebrates the country’s privately-owned companies who are making a remarkable impact on the economy. DotCom Magazine chose to recognize ITech for managing to make a positive difference during the most challenging season of mankind’s history. The magazine also highlights the exceptional efforts of entrepreneurs and their companies, including how they help the world become a better place. 

ITech is Johnson’s legacy to the world. He envisions the organization having more than ten STEM centers all over the country in the next couple of years. Moreover, he sees ITech achieving more job placements with numbers close to seven figures with strong partnerships with major tech companies in Silicon Valley. 

Company: ITech 


Phone number: 310-270-6812


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