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Investing in Detroit: How Justin Fontenelle Helps Others See the Potential of this Metro Area

Location is everything when choosing a property to invest in. You want to make sure you’re getting the most you can out of the money you put in, and a key factor is where you decide to buy. Detroit, Michigan is one of the top metro areas for flipping houses, meaning investors see a higher return on their investment here than in any other city. For this reason, a team of real estate experts is guiding investors on taking opportunities and making the most out of this gold mine of a city.

Guiding global investors to the streets of Detroit

The potential for returns is higher in Detroit than any other city in the United States. It tops Marcus & Millichap’s exclusive Yield Index of 10 markets, with Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati coming in next. CEO of JustInvestNow Justin Fontenelle has focused his investment and property management business in Detroit because he wants to help others get a piece of the profit this city has to offer.

City officials are welcoming investors here, in an effort to revive the community to what it once was. The housing market has seen a slump within the past few years, but is on the rise. City development is making homes more in demand right now. These factors, combined with low prices for family homes, make Detroit a prime location for investors. People outside of the state and out of the country have seized the opportunity to flip in this market. In fact, most of the houses in the city have been purchased by investors who decided to get into the market early.   

Helping investors get more bang for their buck

Justin Fontenelle and his team at JustInvestNow are dedicated to getting the most profit for investors who work with them. Thanks to these experts, clients don’t have to find or manage properties on their own. JustInvestNow guides investors throughout the entire process so they can get started on their real estate journeys in the most efficient way possible. The team will start by helping you find a property based on your specific budget. After the ball is rolling, the team also serves as an on-site property management company. With this assistance, investors don’t have to worry about dealing with tenants or communicating with repair service professionals. It also serves as a holding company, so you have less administrative work to handle. Justin Fontenelle is changing the game by making real estate ambitions within reach for anyone.

Fontenelle has made investing in Detroit a no-brainer for anyone who has ever considered getting started in real estate. Being guided by a team of experts to help choose and manage your property is a safe, foolproof way to invest wisely. He is making it clear that there’s no reason to spend your hard earned money in a city that doesn’t serve you as well as Detroit, and you also don’t have to manage everything by yourself. By letting Justin Fontenelle and his team of experts do what they do best, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful landlord in no time. 

For more information on investing in Detroit and how Justin Fontenelle and his team can make the process easy, visit the company website here. 

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