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InTheir20s, an Insight-Rich Podcast Designed to Guide the Youth to Success

As prevalent as podcast listening currently is, there are still countless beginners to this specific type of audio program. For individuals who are about to dip their toes into the content-rich world of podcasts, it may be confusing and challenging to sort through the saturated space and find one deserving of their time and attention. Distinguishing itself apart from the sea of accessible and available podcasts online, InTheir20 has managed to stand out because of its focus on inspiring the youth and enabling success through bridging the gap between aspirants and established powerhouses.

InTheir20s is a podcast launched by recent college graduates Landon Campbell and Michael Holmes. Within weeks of earning their degrees from DePaul University during a global health crisis, these two go-getters recognized the need to help their peers survive mass unemployment, intense social change, unrest, and overall uncertainty. Their astute observation regarding the gaps caused by the pandemic drove them to create what is now a growing podcast known for serving as a “how-to” guide on becoming successful. 

“InTheir20s is important because every student and young professional deserves access to the best advice and mentorship from the most influential people,” the minds behind this widely-acclaimed podcast share. The astounding number of people who have been following the episode releases of this insightful and success-enabling platform is solid evidence of its reputation within the digital space.

Numerous factors have contributed to the domination of InTheir20s. Since 2020, its hosts have interviewed the most powerful business leaders, celebrities, and all-star athletes, extracting insights about how these household names navigated their own 20s and the strategies they wielded to reach the forefront of their industry. The effort and resources Landon Campbell and Michael Holmes have spent to connect these powerhouses with listeners worldwide rest on the recognition that it is crucial to hear their stories. “To become successful, you need to see success,” adds Landon. 

Cathy Bessant, the Chief Operations and Technology Officer at the Bank of America, recently shared her tale of triumph at InTheir20s. Heralded as the “Most Powerful Woman in Banking” by Forbes and American Banker, she has led the Bank of America’s Global Technology and Operations. Not only has this trailblazing personality guaranteed the delivery of end-to-end technology and operating services through a team of 95,000 people in over 35 countries, but she has also overseen the company’s business continuity and information security efforts. In 2020, After claiming the top spot for three consecutive years, Cathy Bessant was inducted into the “25 Most Powerful Women in Banking” Hall of Fame by American Banker.

Apart from Cathy Bessant, the founders of InTheir20s have also facilitated fruitful conversations with Boka Restaurant Group co-founder Kevin Boehm and five-time NBA All-Star Tim Hardaway Sr. During the 2020 presidential race, the power duo interviewed former presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, delving into a discussion on the role young people play when it comes to hitting the polls. 

On track to the top of the podcast charts, InTheir20s plans to continue inspiring the youth in the coming years. Through more interviews with esteemed individuals who have achieved success, Landon Campbell and Michael Holmes aim to impact the lives of the current generation.

Learn more about InTheir20s by visiting its website. Their episodes are available to watch on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube, and make sure to follow them on Instagram and LinkedIn (@intheir20s.)

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